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Young Man Diagnosed With Constipation And Passes Away Just One Day Later

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Young Man Diagnosed With Constipation And Passes Away Just One Day Later

It started as a severe case of stomach pain, but sadly, the 17-year-old lost his life. Jack Dunn had complained about having stomach pain. The pain was so much that he couldn’t even walk properly. Alarmed his parents immediately took him to a hospital and although doctors tried to find out what was wrong with him, the teenager was already gone.

The young man from Port in Wales was initially diagnosed with a bad case of constipation. The doctors only gave him laxative medicine to help him cope with the discomfort he was experiencing. But unknown to his parent or the medical practitioners that attended to him, Jack’s case was far more severe than what constipation medicine could handle.

The poor boy was later found dead in bed less than 24 hours after he returned home from the hospital.

Jack’s parents partly blamed the doctors that attended to him since they appeared to have been unconcerned about their son’s intense stomach ache. The parents said their son was only scanned to rule out the possibility of appendicitis.

“We took him to A&E and completely trusted the doctors in telling us what was wrong with him. He could barely walk and was in so much pain. He was given a bladder scan, but it didn’t show anything up. The doctor said he was baffled and believed Jack was suffering from nothing more than a bad bout of constipation,” Jack’s father said.

Medical personnel did not dig deep enough to find out the real underlying reason for Jack’s “constipation issues” probably if they did they would have found out that the young boy was suffering from diabetic ketoacidosis. This condition occurs when the body is naturally unable to produce as much insulin as needed for proper functioning while at the same time producing too much blood acids.

Jack’s dad said other tell-tale signs should have alerted the doctors to the severity of the condition but they only put it down as a part of the symptoms of their initial diagnosis. For example: “When Jack was finding it difficult to breathe the doctor thought it was probably anxiety because Jack was anxious about being in the hospital,” his dad said

What doctors didn’t know wash that jack struggling to breathe was because his organs were beginning to shut down because of the ketoacidosis.

You can imagine the horror when Jack’s dad went to check up on his son only to find him dead. It was a devastating moment for him.

“Finding my son dead in his bed was the worst moment of my life. I believe Jack would be alive today if a few more simple tests had been carried out.”

Jacks death would have most likely been prevented, or he would have at least gotten a fighting chance if the doctors had paid more attention or carried out a simple glucose test rather than write it off as constipation.

“Jack’s white blood cell count was up, so that was an indicator something was going on in his body that wasn’t right. If they had tested him for ketones, he would probably be alive today.”

If jack’s true condition had been discovered on time it would have at least given him a chance of survival and given proper medication and an artificial insulin shot; he would have most likely made it. Other symptoms of the condition to look out for includes fatigue, confusion, feeling perched, elevated breaths and a need to pee more than usual.

Unfortunately, Jack is gone, but his parents hope that by sharing his story, more people will get to know about the condition that led to his death: and prevent the same horrible fate from befalling someone else.