Yes, Android phones can also use Apple MagSafe. Here’s how

One of mine One of my favorite phone features in recent years is Apple’s MagSafe technology, which debuted in 2020. The iPhone 12, iPhone 13, and iPhone 14 series have a magnetic ring on the back, allowing you to attach a variety of accessories, from battery packs to phone grips. – and easily remove them when you don’t need them. You can attach the phone to a bike or car mount with one hand, and it’s perfect when paired with MagSafe wireless chargers, as the magnets line up perfectly with the coil, so there’s no chance of it shifting and causing death. battery.

But what if you’re using an Android phone? Motorola was one of the only phone makers with a similar type of magnetic modular technology long before Apple introduced MagSafe to its iPhones, though its Moto Mods are largely defunct. Apple’s technology may be exclusive to its devices, but… perk up your ears: What if I told you there are ways you can take advantage?

Case makers have to put magnets in iPhone cases to maintain contact with MagSafe accessories—which is why you should use a MagSafe case if you have the latest iPhone—but these accessory companies have ported the same, if not similar, technology to cases for some Android phones. , so that everyone can enjoy the magnetic fruits of Apple’s labor.

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I want to mention a few caveats right away. First, MagSafe-style magnetic cases are only available for a small number of Android devices—mostly Samsung Galaxy or Google Pixel phones. My favorite, which I’ll be reviewing soon, is Peak Design’s Everyday Case. But Moment also has magnetic cases for Samsung and Pixel, and you’ll find the same for Mous.

If you don’t have a supported phone, all is not lost! Peak Design has a universal adapter that glues to the back of your phone or phone case to simulate the same experience. Companies like Spigen and Mophie also have magnetic adapters that do the same thing to add MagSafe support, though some of them may interfere with your device’s wireless charging capabilities.

Another problem is that even if you to do If you have a suitable device, like the Pixel 7 with Peak Design’s Everyday Case, there’s no guarantee it will work with every MagSafe product. This is more specific to wireless chargers – in my testing, not every MagSafe wireless charger will charge an Android phone perfectly, as the magnets in the case may not align properly with the wireless charging system on the device itself. I’ve had good luck in most cases, but your mileage will vary.

With that being said, let me introduce you to the beauty of Peak Design’s Everyday Case. It works great as a case itself. The buttons are responsive and the fabric texture on the back feels nice. I wouldn’t have minded a bigger bezel to protect the screen, and the company could offer a few more color options – I really like the new iPhone 14 Everyday Case color, but unfortunately it’s not available. For Samsung and Google cases.

Whether you choose a case for Samsung’s Galaxy S22 or S21 series, or the Pixel 6 or Pixel 7 series, you’ll be charmed by the magnets on the back. You’ll also notice a square indent in the center: this is the Peak Design SlimLink mounting system. This increases the security level of certain accessories, especially bike and tripod mounts, so that magnets are not relied upon alone; phone won’t be fly away when you go over a small bump in the road.

I test a number of electric scooters and folding motorcycles, and the universal bar mount has been my favorite accessory for that reason alone. It’s easy to mount on any handlebar and I don’t have to bother at all to attach the unit. After more than a year of driving, my phone has never dropped, not only with the Everyday Case for the Pixel 7 and Galaxy S22 Ultra, but also with the universal adapter I attached to the Pixel 5A last year. It’s also easy to remove your phone from this mount; simply press the button on the top or bottom of the holder to release it.

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