Who are the parents of former Alameda CEO Carolyn Ellison and what do they do?

Her mother was a young student-athlete who bought Carolyn a book about Genghis Khan when she was a child, and is a senior lecturer in economics at MIT.

Ellison’s mother, Sarah Ellison, is a senior lecturer in economics at MIT. His research focuses on industrial organization, particularly in the pharmaceutical industry and e-commerce.

Ellison earned his bachelor’s degree at Purdue University, before going to Cambridge in England on a Churchill Scholarship and then to MIT for his Ph.D. While at Purdue, he was a member of Phi Beta Kappa and Phi Kappa Phi. As a student, Ellison also played lacrosse, squash and tennis, rowed and was an oboe player in two Purdue orchestras.

He has also worked as a night janitor at Eli Lilly, a cashier at Dairy Queen, and a tennis coach.

After graduation, Ellison worked at the National Bureau of Economic Research. He joined MIT as a visiting assistant professor in 1995 and has been a senior lecturer since 1999.

Ellison has also created an award-winning MOOC on data analytics for social scientists that MIT says has attracted more than 100,000 learners. He is a member of the editorial board of three industrial organization journals and has written several articles with his wife.

Caroline’s Tumblr account provides information about her mother’s life and interests.

Carolyn wrote that as a child she thought her mother’s life “looked terrible.” She says that her mother spends her weekends with her children studying and playing, cleaning the house, gardening and doing other things.

“Even her hobby was work: she would invite friends over for dinner, but that meant hours of grocery shopping and cooking and cleaning,” Caroline wrote. Now I see it differently; He has a very strong idea of ​​a good life for his family and works hard to achieve it.

Caroline wrote on her Tumblr blog that when she was about 11 years old, she had to read a biography and present why that person was the champion of class competitions. He said it was “really funny” that his mother bought him a biography of Genghis Khan.

Sarah also avoids watching sad movies in favor of light-hearted comedies, Carolyn wrote.

Caroline writes about her mother: “She doesn’t read novels at all; His taste in reading tended towards salt or shipping container histories. “I thought it was all very sad.”

Sarah Ellison and Glenn Ellison declined to comment.

He also wrote that his mother was Catholic and was offended when Caroline tried to refuse to attend mass.

Sarah has has been disabled His Twitter account, although it is unclear when this happened.

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