‘What’s Sweeter’ is the Latest Relaxing Book for Parents and Children

As parents, going through the day in seconds can easily become our habit. We often mistake doing many things as a badge of honor but in reality it can be detrimental to our memory, and our ability to be fully with our loved ones. Introduce after-school activities, homework, birthday parties, media time and our kids end up with the same go-go-go routine. .

Looking for an easy break? We are with you.

Something as simple as reading every day with your kids can slow you down and allow your family to be present. Reading a book, connecting to a story, enjoying the images on the page and your thoughts… these are the moments, we seem to work hard to capture. These are the moments that first-time author June Tate offers for parents, caregivers, teachers and the children in their lives through her book. “What’s Sweet.”

As we deal with the day-to-day operations that can be an example of resilience, we love that opportunity “What’s Sweet” it exemplifies self-awareness, self-confidence and self-esteem.

Made with beautiful stencils, this book is as good for our kids as it is for us.

Pass this book on to people around you.


is there anything more fun / than opening a new hard book to take a big fuss / and find a list of all the small and powerful and everyday happy moments.

We follow a variety of charmingly drawn characters as they express their fascination with everyday pleasures. Whether it’s learning a new skateboard trick or picking a big bowl of oranges by themselves, this book naturally inspires children to recognize and enjoy the small moments in their everyday lives.

Learning to take this time to pause and reflect is a lifelong practice that your children can begin outside of story time, and carry with them throughout their lives.

What Others Say About Fun:

‘Reading is a relaxing bedtime. A quiet book that will help readers experience and reflect on the beautiful feelings of life.’ – Kirkus reviews

‘Those who read it will find themselves impressed. A lovely book for carers to share with children.’ – School Library Journal

Tate’s smiley music ends with a twist that brings this deceptive, even sweet connection closer to the reader.’ – Publishers Weekly

Perfect for a holiday gift, or any occasion, this book highlights the beauty and joy in seemingly simple everyday events. Order your copy today.

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