Visuals Are Better Than Books

When books are adapted for film or television, book lovers are often left bemoaning the changes and cuts. Although this is certainly true for most of the Game of Throneswhich was based on George RR Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire book series, there are other things the show did better; especially in the early stages.

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From actors taking characters to a new level with dramatic performances to scenes between characters that were not given consideration in the books, these changes were an integral part of Game of Thrones’ success. Some even receive praise from the author himself.


1 Audio Equipment

Although it may seem unfair to compare the music from the show with the few songs written in the book series, it is impossible to ignore. Game of Thrones‘ amazing song, and the impact it had on the viewers’ experiences.

From the theme song, and the powerful score that punctuates the scenes, to the sad themes of the characters and houses, the band absolutely killed it. Furthermore, even though the story and writing failed in the following seasons in the minds of many fans, the soundtrack hit harder than ever.

2 Arya and Tywin

Game of Thrones Arya Stark and Tywin Lannister

In the books, it is Roose Bolton that Arya Stark serves as his butler in Harrenhal, but the actors made a good choice to exchange Lord Bolton for the terrible Tywin Lannister. This small change made a big difference.

In his scenes with Arya, a different and warmer side to Tywin is shown, where he takes on the image of a father or grandfather with him. The two of them share some great dialogue, which features some of the best quotes ever. Additionally, fans of the show still get to see more of Roose Bolton as he is given more screen time going forward.

3 Wash The Wildling

Game of Thrones Wash

As an actor or actress, there may not be more praise than the author of the source material being changed. For Natalia Tena, who played Osha in Game of Thronesthis was true even George RR Martin stated that her performance inspired him to give Osha a bigger role in future books.

In fact, the actors also played a role in making Osha’s character stronger as she was given more screen time and was involved in projects that Osha’s book was not involved in. in it. However, Tena deserves a lot of credit here.

4 Varys And Littlefinger Short Stories

Game of Thrones Littlefinger and Varys

Plans and deadly plans are important to Game of Thrones, and at the center of many plots and schemes is Varys or Littlefinger. However, since neither of them are POV characters in the books, any private conversations they have together happen in the background.

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Luckily, the show was picked up, and their little chat proved to be one of the funniest episodes of the show’s first season before they unfortunately broke up. As master deceivers and information experts, both had a degree of respect for each other, although this did not prevent them from arguing over words and wits.

5 Bronn

Game of Thrones Bronn

Bronn was already a major character in the books; a sarcastic voice with a black sense of humor, who together with his partner in crime Tyrion, gave readers a lot of crazy back and forth. However, when Tyrion is charged, it’s actually Bronn’s in the currently released books.

However, in the show, Jerome Flynn’s portrayal of the sellsword was enough to earn him more screen time, even in the latest season where he accompanied Jaime Lannister to Dorne and the Riverlands, which is something which he did not do in the books. Bronn’s contribution to the comic relief on the show was one of the few bright lights in the series finale.

6 Robert and Cersei’s place

Game of Thrones Cersei Lannister and Robert Baratheon

Since Cersei Lannister became a POV character in the later books long after her husband King Robert Baratheon died, fans of the books did not get a chance to see their marriage and secretly failed. Fortunately, the program has fixed this error.

Episode 5 of the first season of Game of Thrones it has a cute scene between the two where they look candid and honest for the first time. It’s a surprisingly grown-up scene from two people who are often known for their unsavory ways. In it, they discuss the love Cersei once had for Robert, and the love she still holds for Lyanna Stark.

7 Moreover, Robb Stark

Richard Madden as Robb Stark in Game of Thrones James Bond

It may be strange to show fans only that Robb Stark was not a POV character in the books, which in itself is one of George RR Martin’s regrets about his work. Instead, Robb’s story was told mainly through the eyes of his mother Catelyn, who was not always with him, meaning that some of the scenes shown in the show were only heard in the books.

The show’s decision to give the Young Wolf more screen time, along with the likable portrayal of Richard Madden, resulted in Robb Stark becoming a fan favorite until he made the terrible mistake of going to a wedding. His main role is one of those few things Game of Thrones works better than books.

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