This new car game can put you in the real life F1 paddock.


Free-to-playcard Aya CarFT aims to offer real experiences as rewards.

“An elevator pitch is easy,” says Morgan Pizzo, the brains behind the new car game CarFT. “I was playing racing games with my cousin Laurent and we said ‘Why are we investing time and money in these games and there’s nothing but fun?’

“Of course, fun is important! We spend a lot of time playing these games to fuel our passion but something is missing. Why not have real prizes, like merchandise or money-cars?” Can’t buy experiences in the world?

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This is where the idea came from. Morgan’s last major project was the Classic Racing School, which he worked on with engineering school Paul and which continues at France’s picturesque Circuit de Charade.

He’s moved on to new things, though, announcing the driving force behind his ideas to bring the enjoyment of cars to the widest possible audience. Realizing a limitation for those who can spend a day or two at the track in single-seater race cars, Morgan is now heading up a team so millions of us can join.

“We position ourselves as a complement to Gran Turismo or Forza,” he says. “We’re not a racing game. We’re a casual game that you take out of your pocket for two or three minutes.

CarFT launched in the spring as a mobile or desktop card game that is apparently free to play. But you can spend more and more to buy extra packs of cards to speed up your gameplay and bulk up your virtual garage – just like you would to help you finish your Panini albums faster. Additional stickers can be purchased – while the dream cars you really want. To be purchased individually at a higher cost. And thankfully, it’s not a one-way system.

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“Blockchain is allowing players to take full ownership of what they buy in games,” says Morgan. “It allows people to spend money on cars and then resell them within the game.” Can refund some of the money.

“The idea was to play a simple game around collecting and maintaining cars, with cars represented as cards. Depending on the collection you have, you can place cars on a virtual concourse. can be carried, and you can rank on leaderboards in your area.

“There’s no limit to the size of your garage, at least not yet. A game, by definition, has to have some frustration, an element of not being able to do something initially so you keep playing. We There is a strong focus on limiting the strength of the card decks you play in our virtual events, so you should be strategic and not just play the most powerful cars.

So what are the first cars Morgan will be itching for? “I’ve always been a RenaultSport fan and I think I’ll go for a simple Clio Williams or Clio RS. After that I’d like a Lancia 037 because it’s a dream car for me. It’s CarFT’s ‘Bronze’.” One of the cars on the surface, and if you want to reserve it, it costs nine euros…

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An additional mystery bag of virtual cards, meanwhile, costs five euros, and the team is considering a monthly subscription model that would, over the course of a year, cost the equivalent of a console game purchase. But again, with the chance to win real-life prizes behind it. Find us interesting…

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