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This House Is Listed For $475,000 Cash. Just Wait Until You See What’s Inside!

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This House Is Listed For $475,000 Cash. Just Wait Until You See What’s Inside!

Buying a home is anyone’s dream. We are all hoping that someday in the near future, we would be able to have enough funds to buy our own house and lot. And sometimes, the most feasible option would be to buy a pre-owned home.

Many would look around for options when they are planning to buy a home. Some would want to buy a property in a high-end neighborhood. And most of the time, many properties are listed for sale online. And when looking at houses, there are a couple of factors to consider. But the most important is the aesthetics of the interior and exterior part of the property, and compare it to its selling price.

When a house is on sale, you expect that property would somehow be worth its asking price, or if possible, even more. The internet is making this possible as it is now easier to compare offers. But it cannot be denied that some are selling the properties for unbelievable prices.

When this seller put up a home for sale in Los Angeles, the listing isn’t exactly receiving rave reviews.

The house is located in an area where many people would want to live. It’s in a high-end neighborhood of Northridge, Los Angeles. However, just by looking at it, anyone can say that this home is truly an awful, dilapidated eyesore in the neighborhood. And there is no doubt as to why it is raising quite a few eyebrows for its selling price.

The house looks like it’s been abandoned for ages. Yet, it is listed with an asking price of $475,000!

For this price, one might expect a well-maintained home. Something that looks like what you see in the magazines, the ones that are located in high-end neighborhoods. But instead, it looks as if this tired old dwelling hasn’t received any care since it was built in 1956.

From the outside, it is obvious that this house does not look like it’s worth $475,000. It’s in a state of complete disrepair. Just by the looks of it, the buyer might have a hard time repairing the house, if say it’s repairable. The house’s almost looked shattered appearance is sad.

And the home’s inside is even worse. It’s dirty all over. You cannot find a clean spot anywhere. The interior will never be close to being deemed livable. Its disgusting brown stains and unidentifiable splotches make it even worse.

Still, many believe that despite its terrible condition, this home’s location will receive quite a few interests from buyers. But it’s difficult to imagine anyone paying $475,000 for such a run-down piece of property.

In this community, the average household’s income is about $77,000. And the average selling price for a decent home is around $345,000. And if anyone will be interested to buy this property, they will have to tear it down and build a new one instead.

But is the location really worth its price?

Looking at the property, it is hard to believe that this house once shared a neighborhood with the biggest names in Hollywood and some of the major athletic figures. It may be an ideal neighborhood, but will someone pay that much for this property?