The second-generation HomePod is set to be released on Friday, February 3, which is when pre-orders will be delivered and the speakers will be available for purchase in retail stores. A lucky one Macromers The reader received his HomePod the day before, with the device delivered today.

The HomePod in question was ordered from Best Buy and was mistakenly delivered early by Canada Post.

Apple’s second-generation HomePod is almost identical to the now-discontinued original HomePod, which arrived shortly after. The major exterior design difference is the redesigned display, which is edge-to-edge, larger, and improves the speaker’s overall appearance.

Apple has also changed the internal components, changing the number of tweeters and microphones, but reviewers have found that the speaker looks mostly the same as the original model. Like the first HomePod, the new version comes in two colors, white and a new midnight shade.

Apple is selling the HomePod for $299, and it can be purchased from Apple’s website. It will be in stores on Friday.

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