The movie “Sader 2” is breaking viewership records (You can watch it here)

After the success of the film Seder 1, the second part of the film entitled Saber 2 has now appeared.

Description of the movie:

Roni Selimes, who is in difficult psychological conditions due to the loss of his son, is surprised to see Sokol, his sworn “enemy”, who comes to offer him help, saying that he had found the persons responsible behind the assassination to them 3 years ago. Leaving behind the grudges of the past, Roni decides to abandon the vagabond life he had chosen to lead and agrees to cooperate with Sokol. In this journey, they will have to face many infidelities and intrigues from their friends, but apart from that, Sokol’s intentions are still unknown, as Ron will have to face a truth that will completely change his life. On the other hand, we have Elona, ​​a cold-blooded woman, determined and with clear goals for revenge, who constantly weaves plans and intrigues to realize her goals. Who does Elona want to eliminate and will she be able to fulfill her plans?

Genre: Comedy, Action, Drama

You can watch the film below

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