The best classic Gothic Horror books

Many gamers find themselves falling in love with horror mind games and their atmosphere. It’s only natural that they look for another way to express the same excitement and fear in movies, TV shows and books. And there is no better genre for this than gothic.

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Gothic horror novels balance the thin line between madness and madness, and are full of tortured heroes, unexplained events, and, of course, dark and gloomy castles that may not be persecuted. There are a lot of new books in this genre that are great, but sometimes, one just can’t beat the old ones, especially for someone new to the genre.


6 The Haunting Of Hill House

Before it became a Netflix sensation, The Haunting Of Hill House it was a book. And what a book it was! Shirley Jackson wrote this masterpiece in 1959 and it is still considered one of the best literary novels of the 20th century. It may only be 246 pages, but within that, there is so much that happens (or doesn’t happen, in the blink of an eye) that the reader will be forever changed after. let’s read it.

Dr. Montague is a scientist who is obsessed with finding something horrible. Luke is the heir to Hill House. Eleanor has experience with ghosts. Theodora is Dr. Montague’s assistant. These four people find themselves at Hill House and discover that it is more than what they had planned.

5 The Castle of Otranto

The Castle of Otranto

This is the boss – the first gothic book written in the history of literature. Written by Horace Walpole in 1764The Castle of Otranto has left its mark on many contemporary horror films and has made the gothic castle setting almost a staple of the genre. Even before the book was written there were gothic elements to it, as Horace Walpole was inspired to write it after a nightmare he had while live in a Gothic house in London.

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Manfred is the prince of Otranto, and he is dealing with an ancient curse that threatens to leave him without descendants. When his son dies before he is married, that is, before he can ensure that the family will continue, Manfred decides to leave his wife who is too old to have children and try to marry Isabella who is completely terrified, who was supposed to marry her son. Chases, misunderstandings, and large portions of knight armor ensue.

4 Dracula


This is one of the books that appears often on the list called “books you lied about reading”, and with good reason. Most people who don’t live under a rock have heard of Dracula, even if they only know he was a bloodthirsty vampire or they just heard about the many adaptations of the movie. Published in 1897 and written by Bram Stoker, this epistolary novel made vampires more popular than Twilight.

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Lawyer Jonathan Harker travels to Transylvania to visit Count Dracula in his castle and help him buy a house in London. But strange things begin to happen in the castle, for which Jonathan has no explanation. At the same time, in England, even more strange things are happening – one of them is two bite marks on the neck of a young woman.

3 Frankenstein


There are many movies about Frankenstein and his monster, but there is only one book, and many others that were written after it and feature one or more characters. both. This book was written by Mary Shelley in 1818 and has not stopped surprising every new reader since then.

Doctor Victor Frankenstein is a man with an obsession: he wants to raise the dead. And he succeeds. But his person is not what he thought it would be – he is a creature, a monster, that Victor fears so much and rejects. The beast, by nature, seeks revenge.

2 Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde

The amazing story of Dr.  Jekyll And Mr.  Hyde

The variations that viewers have seen in this story over the years are countless, and it’s only normal since the title of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is something that everyone has discussed at some point in their lives: how people control themselves. their dark side? Published in 1886 and written by Robert Louis Stevenson, this book is an atmospheric and psychological portrait of things that people have always wondered (and probably will always).

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John Utterson is a friend and lawyer of Dr. Jekyll, and learns that his most respected friend is in league with a murderer named Mr. Hyde. John thinks that Mr. Hyde is letting his friend down and tries to help him, but fails to discover the truth until it is too late.

1 Screw Adjustment

Screw Adjustment

Not many people know this, but Mike Flanagan’s Netflix superhit The revival of Bly Manor it is actually a retelling of a popular gothic novel Screw Adjustment. Written in 1898 by Henry James, this book is considered one of the best psychological horror stories that horror fans can read.

The young ruler takes in two children, Miles and Flora, who are incredibly active and yet lovable. His instructions for the job are simple: don’t abandon the children, don’t ask questions about the house, and don’t write to an absent guardian. But when the house proves to be full, all those things will be very difficult to resist.

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