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Teen Dies Protecting His 5-Year-Old Sister From A Home Intruder

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Teen Dies Protecting His 5-Year-Old Sister From A Home Intruder

Brothers know that it is their responsibility to protect their sisters at all costs. This is why when a criminal broke into a home in Port Charlotte, this 15-year-old boy died while defending his little sister.

Khyler Edman lost his life in this violent encounter with the offender but many people believe that he did this trying to protect his home and his baby sister. The boys’ mutilated body was found and the police also received reports of an ‘injured man’ who was thought to be the one who got into an intense altercation with this teenager. The suspect fled as the officers arrived.

As it turned out, he managed to save her but was not able to save his own life. Her little sister who is 10 years younger than him was unharmed.

Because of his heroic act, he was hailed a hero.

The teenager was able to protect his five-year-old sister and injure the man during the break-in. The police investigated the crime scene. Charlotte County Sheriff Bill Prummell came forward to remark on the bravery of this young hero. According to the reports, it is believed that he was trying to protect his home and did not hesitate to risk his life to save his younger sister.

While the police canvassed the area, they found another burglar taking place nearby. This is why they found Edman’s dead body as well as his little sister who was alive and unharmed.

The Sheriff explained, “They found that forced entry was made into a doorway and inside that residence, they found a teenager and a young child. It appears that the suspect had broken into this residence. A violent encounter ensued where we believe that the teenager was trying to protect the home (and) protect their younger sibling.”

The police have not released a statement yet regarding Edmans’ death, but it is clear that the burglar is the murderer. They were able to catch the burglar and take him into custody after a short pursuit. The man had ‘several stab wounds’ to his hands and also to his side.

This only means that Edman did not give up without a fight. But even though how much he tried, the burglar won and ended up killing Edman while trying to defend his sister.

The burglar was identified as Ryan Clayton Cole.

The Sheriff’s Office has a request for the community. They said, “We request that the community and media continue to give the family privacy as they grieve. Detectives are continuing to work closely with the State Attorney’s Office on this investigation.”

The boy lost his life for defending his home. But what would you do when you are put in the same situation?

In an article posted by “Independent”, they shared how convicted burglars advise homeowners on how to protect themselves during a break-in, theft, or robbery. According to the article, these convicted burglars shared some tricks of the trade to help these homeowners protect themselves.

They said that 86% of these thieves will do everything that they can to avoid bumping into the occupant and three-quarters of this number abandon a robbery attempt because they heard someone in the house.

They advise that the moment you think there is a burglar in your home or someone is trying to break in, call the police. If you are in a situation where you have to confront the intruder, you are legally permitted to protect yourself as the last resort. However, you have to remember that booby traps are not legally allowed.