Teams is preparing for the next steps following the recovery of Gen3 engines

For example, Ford’s Gen3 Mustang

The supercar team is set to take the next step in its Gen3 build process by taking delivery of the first generation engines.

As reported by, draws were held last week for the Ford teams and earlier this week for the Chevrolet counterparts to randomly place the initial tranche of engines, under the supervision of the Principal team, Supercars CEO Shane Howard and Head of Motorsport Adrian Burgess.

All Ford teams now own at least one unit, while Tickford Racing has given two of the car’s four-car operation, and a delivery to Deny Chevrolet is in progress.

Brad Jones Racing used the engine from the prototype to finalize his lead four Camaros, while Tickford was in a similar position to work on a fake-up of his Coyote-powered Mustangs.

“We already had an engine here; we had a fake engine here,” Team Principal Tim Edwards explained to

“Now then we have made lead and other articles of this kind; training

“It all means that when it comes to real engines, it goes into the car permanently and properly fit, so it’s clear that it’s a good next step for us.

“But, as we already had the engine in the vehicle, you already know” [how to plumb it]and therefore we make some pipers for other Ford teams.

So far the engines have been allocated so that each team has one for every two cars (with the exception of the Blanchard Racing Team being given one car operation), although every car will eventually have two engines.

Herrod Performance Engines provides all Ford teams for its 11 Mustangs while KRE Engines Race is charged with producing engines for the 14 Chevrolet Camaros in the field.

All units are dynamometer tested by Supercars engine specialist Craig Fastinata before the draw is held, to rule out any suggestion of favoritism or bias.

Supercars will also periodically check engines to monitor wear and tear on the new-to-the-category 5.4-liter double overhead cam Ford and 5.7-liter pushrod General Motors hardware.

The first official shakedowns are set for January 30 at Queensland Raceway and February 1 at Winton for northern and southern based competitors respectively, although it is doubtful whether more than one or two cars made it either day.

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