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Stop Pouring Your Pickle Juice Down The Drain

  • 3 min read

Stop Pouring Your Pickle Juice Down The Drain

As a fact, a whole lot of us often discard the pickle juice just after we are done consuming what was in the jar. I don’t need a soothsayer to reveal that to me, it is a trend that has been observed over time. the explanation. Who in the World drinks pickle juice.

Unknown to many of us, however, is that the liquid that we throw away is a treasure on its own. Pickle juice serves a variety of uses, uses that would seem ordinarily unbelievable. A brief into some of these uses and you will start saving up pickle juice.

Weed killer: does that sound a bit off? To kill weeds, many people make use of vinegar. Pickle juice contains vinegar and salt, spraying it on seemingly stubborn weeds is one sure way of eliminating them without having to buy a chemical.

An effective cure for hangovers: after a hard night party, we often wake up with hangovers. Everyone who has experience hangovers must have at one point or the other tried to look for a remedy for it. Drinking pickle juice just before heading to the bed is sufficient enough to ensure that you wake up without a single hint of a hangover.

Boosting Recipe: Adding a tablespoon of pickle juice into your mashed yolk can give you a sensational tang. If you are looking to add some kick to your cocktail, you can add a bit of pickle juice, and can also use it to prepare a meat marinade.

Pickling Helper: Pickle juice can be reused if at any point you feel like having another pickle. You can simply add vegetables and carrots to the jay and allow it to brine for a couple of days.

A Drink for Workout: pickle juice contains electrolytes. An effective means of keeping hydrated during or after a workout session. To add a bit of style, bottled pickle juice is listed on the market for easy purchase.

Fends Off Illnesses: in the case of a sore throat, the vinegar and salt content of a pickle juice add lots of benefits. Drinking or gaggling does the trick.

Soothes Sunburn: since pickle juice contains vinegar, a little dab of the juice will adequate tackle the sunburns. Apart from this, it can be used to soothe skin blisters also.

Deal with Muscle Cramp: Not only does pickle juice contain electrolytes, but they also contain potassium, sodium, calcium chloride, and magnesium which when combined, make an excellent remedy against cramps. The use of pickle juice for treating muscle cramp has been certified by many athletes as effective.

Melts Ice: to prevent your driveways and your sidewalks from getting slippery during winter, you can simply pour some pickle juice on it. the presence of calcium chloride in the juice is capable of melting the ice.

Relieves PMS symptoms: often times cramps go hand in hand with PMS. Consuming about ½ cup of the juice a few days before the monthly cycle guarantees some relief.

Aids Weight Loss: adding the juice to your normal diet could kick up your metabolism by a notch or two.

Stomach settler: a sip of pickle juice is an effective way of fighting off morning sickness or a sour stomach.

Relieve from Indigestion and Heartburn: drinking pickle juice restores balance to the PH level of your stomach.