Spacemind Successfully Launches Three Italian Nanosatellites into Orbit From the Earth Station

DanteSat, Futura-SM1, and Futura-SM3

Spacemind, the space division of the Italian company NPC, has achieved great success with a series of space launches.

Three Italian nanosatellites, DanteSat, Futura-SM1, and Futura-SM3, have been successfully launched into orbit. This also confirmed the performance of the new SMPod cubeat instrument, on-board instruments, and a large version of the Artica deorbiting vessel.

Nicolò Benini, Marketing Director of NPC Spacemind, said: “We are very happy with the first results of these orbit missions, which confirm our company’s position as a turnkey service provider for the production of cubeats for commercial and scientific purposes. Our latest installations have strengthened relationships with important Italian and foreign customers, paving the way for future space activities”.

The DanteSat nanosatellite is a 3U cubesat, shaped like a small parallelepiped (with a square base of about 10 cm on a side and a length of 30 cm). It is an original project promoted by Human Space Services for the Italian publishing house Scripta Maneant to celebrate the 700th anniversary of Dante Alighieri’s death: its metal structure is inscribed with the Divine Comedy, while the radio broadcasts verses the first jobs in the World. In November, the satellite was delivered to the International Space Station by the Dragon capsule, launched by SpaceX Falcon 9. DanteSat was then released into orbit in late December by the Nanoracks Europe deployer. After that, it launched the Artica spacecraft and will soon burn up as it re-enters the Earth’s atmosphere.

The two Futuras were launched at the beginning of January and transferred to the planned route by the independent ION Satellite Carrier Platform, developed by the space equipment company D-Orbit, and finally released into space by machine the new SMPod from Spacemind. Futura-SM1 is a 3U cubesat and is intended to test new on-board equipment (power generation system, steerable antennas, spacecraft and on-board OBC computer developed by a partner Apogee Space). On the other hand, Futura-SM3 is a 6U cubesat (the equivalent of two 3U cubesats side by side) and has a new, larger Artica spacecraft for removing the satellite at the end of the mission.

According to Benini, “all the systems in the three cubeats are working perfectly and are receiving signals and telemetry data. The SMPod instrument has also released two Futuras into orbit, to achieve all the objectives of the mission. These positive results position Spacemind to provide reliable and innovative services in the growing nanosatellite market”.

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