SK Hynix regroups to take on Samsung and Sony in high-end mobile image sensor market

SK Hynix has CIS ambitions. (Source: SK Hynix)

SK Hynix may be best known for its RAM or storage modules, but it also makes the CMOS image sensors (or CIS) found in smartphones. Rumor has it that the company has ambitions to challenge the dominance of other companies like Samsung in this arena with new sensors aimed at the high-end market.

High-end smartphone cameras are currently dominated in terms of sensors by big names like Samsung ISOCELL and Sony IMX (even if the latter may soon be replaced by a new one); however, SK Hynix apparently intends to challenge them with a new line.

The South Korean semiconductor OEM is already active in this market: for example, the company (and not Samsung) is reported to have submitted a 50 MP sensor in 2022. on devices like the Galaxy A13.

But now she may intend to “rearrange“its CIS division will move away from such cameras and towards such cameras as the latest flagship IMX800 series or perhaps even the ISOCELL HP2, rather than trying to take up to 80% of the market share, a whole that has been consistently occupied by Samsung and Sony.”

As such, it may stop supporting most of the major resolutions (32MP, 13MP, 64MP, etc.) that it now includes and will benefit from this new rumored strategy.

On the other hand, this could be a risky move as the mobile CIS market may contract slightly as demand for new smartphones also declines.

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