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Six Years Later, Family Recreates The Precious Photo That Made Them Famous

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Six Years Later, Family Recreates The Precious Photo That Made Them Famous

A couple who wants to have children would do anything that they can in order to reach this dream that they have for the family that they want to build. Six years ago, a family portrait became famous worldwide and they were known as “6 Little McGhees.

” After six years, the family of eight wanted to look back and show the world how they are doing now by recreating the photo that led their lives into becoming an instant celebrity family.

Mia and Rozonno McGhee were friends way back in high school and their pasts helped cement their relationship. Mia was disowned when she was a little girl, while Rozonno was struggling with a drug addict mother. They ended up being a couple but despite their efforts of trying to have children, they were unsuccessful. Ten years and still no luck until they turned to fertility treatment which was their last straw of hope.

The treatments were successful and they were not only blessed with one but six children. Six babies that are a product of a multi-birth is called Sextuplets. The odds of giving birth to a twin is very slim, how much more when giving birth to six babies. This is a rare phenomenon that is usually caused by fertility treatments.

The possibility of conceiving sextuplets are one in 4. 7 billion. Seems very rare, but very possible.

The couple would be able to make it work even with six kids because Rozonno has his own carpet cleaning business while Mia will be having the full-time job of taking care of their six children. To share how happy they are to the world, the family of eight decided to sit for a photoshoot. This is when their lives turned from better, to best.

The photo where daddy Rozonno was lying on his stomach is surrounded by their six children while mommy Mia is at the back, leaning towards them. The picture was perfect and it was no surprise when it became viral and so was their life story.

The family appeared on Oprah and the “Queen of all Media” gave the family $250,000 Wal-Mart credit and also a surprise honeymoon to Las Vegas for Rozonno and Mia. Because of this appearance, it didn’t take long until the family started their own reality TV show on the Oprah Winfrey Network called “6 Little McGhees.

” Not only did this make the children and their whole family famous, but this also helped with Rozonnos’ business which will eventually assist them when it comes to finances when these kids will start to grow up.

The kids grew too fast and they soon realized that these kids will not be children forever. They wanted to do something special so they decided to recreate the photograph that made them famous. After six years, the family posed in front of the same photographer who took their picture before and did the exact same position to make sure that they recreate the photo the best that they can.

A little secret was shared that the picture was shot with two kids at a time and was just Photoshopped to put them all together. Nevertheless, the picture is amazing and the family looked happy like they were six years ago.