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Rescuer Saves Lion Cub That Got Its Legs Broken To Take Photos With Tourists

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Rescuer Saves Lion Cub That Got Its Legs Broken To Take Photos With Tourists

Wild animals are included in the tourism industry. In fact, they are the ones who invite more tourists to come and visit the zoos where they are being taken care of. However, not all animals in the zoo receive the love and care that they deserve. Many of them are abused just so the zoo or those who take care of them can make money.

If you can remember in 2017, a baby dolphin was killed by tourists without them knowing. The baby dolphin somehow made its way to the shore. And when tourists spotted the poor creature, they passed it around to take pictures with it.

And when they were done, they just left the baby dolphin on the sand without bothering to check if it’s still alive or not. The dolphin spent too much time out of the water and its death was blamed on the tourists.

Another story recently surfaced showing how this kind of treatment can be cruel to animals, especially when they are still little.

One lion cub was taken from its mother to be used for a photo-op. The lion cub was only a few months old and was taken to be used as a tourist attraction for travelers who like to take photos. To keep the cub from running away, they abused him and ended up breaking the cubs’ legs and spine.

The lion cub was placed in a barn and was chained up so that people can come and take pictures with it. The people who abused him would regularly torture the animal beat it to submission. This animal was supposed to be roaming around the wild freely and this kind of treatment is not what it would be experiencing if the people didn’t take him from his mother.

Unlike the baby dolphin, the cub was found by rescuers and they took him to try and save the poor animal. If they were not there, the cub might have faced the same fate as the baby dolphin. It would not have survived.

The lion cub underwent the needed surgery and care. Thanks to the rescuers, its life is no longer in danger. The cub was named “Simba. ” The story was shared all across the globe and even Vladimir Putin heard about it.

He heard about the lion cub so he ordered a criminal investigation regarding the matter. Also, other people who read its story wanted to help. One of them is a rescuer and a Russian vet, Karen Dallakyan.

When it comes to animals that needed help, Karen definitely has the experience. Karen had saved tigers, birds, snakes, and every wild animal that you could ever think of. And because of the help that Simba is receiving, the lion cub is not on his way to recovery.

It is now learning to play around with its toys while recovering from his injuries. The lion cub is slowly turning into a happy animal. It started to trust his rescuers and even other human beings as well. After one year of care and treatment, Simba is almost totally recovered.

It cannot be denied that there are still plenty of animals out there that are experiencing the same kind of abuse every day. Thankfully, there are people who are going above and beyond to help them.