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Putting Pennies In A Ziploc Bag Is A Trick To Try Tongiht

  • 4 min read

Putting Pennies In A Ziploc Bag Is A Trick To Try Tongiht

Do you ever find yourself watching 5-minute tricks or lifehacks online which you believe can make your life easier? Then you are not alone. Sometimes it is nice to discover new things like the usual items you can find in your kitchen that can actually be used for something else useful.

Like the Ziploc bags for example. They are in almost every kitchen and they actually have more uses than just as simple storage bags.

Good for Waterproof Organization

If you need an instant waterproof bag to store some items while traveling, worry no more because you can use Ziploc bags for that. In fact, you can also use this when organizing the home. There are little things that you need to keep around for future use and to avoid losing them, keep these items in a Ziploc bag. Ziploc bags are great for keeping their contents safe from the outside elements.

Ice Packs On-the-Go

Usually, pack lunch for your loved ones? Or maybe you love going on picnics and potlucks. If yes, then you know how an ice pack can come in handy. So for an easy, no-drip ice pack, grab some Ziploc bags and sponges. Wet the sponges and freeze them overnight inside the bags. You can use these as easy lunchbox insulators.

Make A Nail Art Design

It cannot be denied that fashion nails are super trendy these days. And if you are looking for an easy way to doll up your fingernails, you can easily do this with a Ziploc bag. Grab a few of your favorite polish colors and fill the bag with water. Then drop a couple of nail polish colors into the water until you are happy with the design. Then dip your finger, nail facing downwards to capture the nail polish. Do the same with the other fingers.

Road/Camping Trip Necessity

If you are going on a family road trip or camping, you need to stay organized. Keep all necessary gadgets in a waterproof bag. Your mobile phones, camera batteries, chargers, and so on can be kept in a Ziploc bag. Remember to label everything for easy access and to avoid misplacing your most important things.

Travel-Friendly Hack

Need to travel by plane soon? To avoid your kids from touching anything that is unsanitary, like their tablets or phones, place them into a Ziploc bag. Close the top of the bag and tuck it into the seatback tray for your kids to enjoy hands-free movies and shows.

Keep Cords Organized

If you have plenty of cords and they are getting out of control, then it’s time to organize them. Keep those that you do not use often in Ziploc bags. Organize and label them according to their use so they are easier to find and put away after usage.

Fun Activity for Toddlers

Looking for a way to entertain your toddlers? You can do this to keep them off of their gadgets. Just add washable paint and hair gel or anything with a thick consistency to a gallon-sized storage bag. Close the top and turn this into a mess-free spin on finger painting.

As you can see, Ziploc bags are more than just your ordinary storage bags. So what are you waiting for? Try these new hacks soon!