Predictions, rumors, and what we want to see in the new year.

2022 was a big year for Google. It created products in new categories, such as the Pixel Watch, and leaned more towards improving ChromeOS. But it wasn’t all good either. The company had cutbacks at Area 120 — its innovation division — and closed Stadia entirely. Nevertheless, Google is a huge company that certainly has a lot of plans in the new year, and here are the current rumors as well as some of our predictions. We’ve ranked them from most likely to least likely.

Google Pixel 8 series and Google Pixel 7a

The back of the Google Pixel 7 in Lemongrass shows off the camera housing.

Like clockwork, we expect Google to follow up in 2023 with successors to both its flagship and its mid-rangers. The Google Pixel 8 is pretty much guaranteed alongside the Google Pixel 7a, while the latter has already started leaking. We expect the Pixel 7a to come with a 90Hz display, wireless charging, and a better camera, upgrading it from the same camera that Google has been using in all of its smartphones for years.

As for the Google Pixel 8, we expect another Tensor successor, likely fabricated on Samsung’s 3nm process. A recent leak also suggested that the company is making improvements to the Google Camera Pro app, including surprising HDR support. Other details are currently scarce, but the point is that it’s likely to get a lot bigger, just like the Pixel 7 series was compared to the Pixel 6 series.

Google Pixel Tablet

Pixel tablet

The existence of the Google Pixel tablet was already confirmed at Google I/O, and we also learned a few small details. The company confirmed that it will ship with the tablet a magnetic dock that will help you use it like a smart display. However, all we know beyond that is that it’s coming in 2023.

However, leaks suggest that it might pack a 10.95-inch display, up to 256GB of storage, Google’s first-gen Tensor SoC, and two 8MP cameras, but it won’t have LTE support. Google may also be working on a “Pro” variant of the Pixel tablet, but that’s purely speculative at this point. Either way, we may be seeing the company’s all-new attempt at an Android tablet, which could turn things around if it works well.

The last Google tablet that came out was the Pixel C tablet in 2015. Next up was technically the Pixel Slate, but it ran ChromeOS. Neither option was a huge success, so Google’s release of a tablet appears to be the least of it. To some extent Dedicated to improving the tablet experience on Android. At the very least, the company will now be early in the game and is Reason look-after.

Google’s ambitious Pixel Fold may finally be revealed.

Leaked render of the Google Pixel Fold on a cream-colored background.

The Google Pixel Fold has been rumored for years at this point, though details are scarce. The company has neglected to officially unveil it (unlike how it unveiled the Pixel tablet almost a year ago), and all we have to go on are leaks. We’ve finally seen what it will look like thanks to leaked renders. It uses the same internal folding form factor that Samsung pioneered, with a back design reminiscent of the Pixel 7 series. Unfortunately, more or less everything else remains a mystery.

The only other thing we know is that it reportedly has a May launch window, but it’s possible that the release will be a limited launch. It is not. Confirmed It’s coming next year, but we’re pretty firm in our belief that it’ll be in 2023. Finally Be the year that appears. Regardless of when it launches, we know its existence will shake up the foldable scene in some way, and that’s exciting.

A successor to the Google Pixel Watch may appear.

Google Pixel Watch

The Google Pixel Watch leaves a lot to be desired, namely in the battery department. It’s a good-looking smartwatch with a lot to love, but it sets the company up for a great successor. It’s unclear if we’ll get a successor this year, but if we do, there are several areas where we can see improvements.

For starters, the company can fix battery life. Google advertised 24 hours on a full charge, but we found that to be an absolute maximum. We found ourselves charging at least twice a day, which is inexcusable in this day and age. Could also use a chipset upgrade. The Pixel Watch sports an Exynos 9110, which was the latest on the market when the Galaxy Watch Active 2 was launched. 2019. It’s long overdue for an upgrade. Having a more efficient processor can also help with battery life. As long as Google at least focuses on these two areas, it could be a win-win.

Advanced Android TV Box

Google Chromecast with Google TV

Google has very few devices classified as developer devices for Android TV. In fact, there are only three, named ADT-1 through ADT-3. There is evidence that Google is now working on ADT-4, as seen. 9to5Google. The report suggests that the ADT-4 will have 2GB of RAM, 16GB of storage, more I/O ports, and even a built-in speaker and microphone.

This means that the ADT-4 offers much more than the ADT-3, suggesting that Google could make a superior Android TV box in the future. Alternatively, it could be a better solution for developers to test their apps, and Google has no plans to launch a high-end Android TV box in the future.

In this hypothetical scenario, I imagine it could retain the Chromecast moniker for branding purposes, and would likely be the Chromecast Pro. Alternatively, if Google doesn’t want to dilute the Chromecast brand, we could see the introduction of a new naming convention for Android TV boxes. There’s no guarantee that any of this happens, but still, it’s fun to speculate.

Better software support for Pixel smartphones

Galaxy S22 series

This is the possibility with the least evidence, but it is one of the most important. Feeling the pressure from other OEMs like Samsung and OnePlus, it wouldn’t be crazy to think that Google could announce a longer support window for future Pixel devices in 2023. Currently, Samsung and OnePlus offer four major platform updates along with an additional year of security. Patch, bring five years of support. In contrast, Google only offers. Three Important platform updates.

It’s not a good look from an Android owner to be supporting their first-party devices for such a short time, and with pressure mounting, I think it’s at least possible That Google is already considering extending the update window for new devices that will launch next year. Google hasn’t said anything on the matter, but given that it’s historically held the throne as the OEM with the most updates for its devices, I’d be very surprised to see this for the Pixel 8 series. Has not been matched for at least four years.

The Future of Google in 2023

The future of Google in 2023 looks very interesting, and with some interesting products, it will be interesting to see what happens next. Successors to existing products are always a given, but this will be the first time in years that Google will launch an Android tablet, not to mention the possibility surrounding expanded software support and some kind of high-end Chromecast successor. Should. The icing on the cake will be the Pixel Fold, as we’ve heard rumors about for years.

As for such a “theme” that Google might go into 2023, it’s hard to say. For 2022, Google has focused heavily on introducing new product categories and seems to have changed somewhat the way it unveils and discusses future products. With so much to criticize about Google’s software and hardware choices this year, the company might be too humble, though that’s more wishful thinking. Overall, the company seems to be very open about its intentions for the future, and it’s possible that we’ll get a clearer, more transparent look at Google next year.

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