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Prankster Placed Razor Blades On Shopping Cart Handles At Walmart

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Prankster Placed Razor Blades On Shopping Cart Handles At Walmart

If you watch the news, random acts of violence are always present anywhere you are in the world. It is sad and scary to think that some people nowadays are not afraid of harming others for no reason.

This is why when an incident that happened at Walmart in Windsor Connecticut became a news headline, it did not shock us. It only serves as a reminder that bad people are out there and they can do anything to hurt us.

Cheryl Johnson and her husband, Mel, was out on a late-night shopping at Walmart. This is a huge and very well-known retailer so even at wee hours of the night, many people still prefer to come and do their grocery shopping here because it is more affordable than the other retail stores. We sure heard plenty of great stories about this retailer, but they also have their own share of bad publicity.

Still, the staff makes sure that their security measures are at par with the standards to keep their customers safe. This is why Cheryl and Mel never thought that they would find this when they pulled the cart out of the stock just in the entryway of the establishment.

When Mel pulled the cart backward, he immediately removed his hands from the handle. He winced because something cut his palm!

When he inspected the cart closely, he saw that there is a razor that stuck out under the handle of the shopping cart. Because of their concern for other shoppers, the two immediately notified the manager about the incident and filed an incident report. They also called the police because they do not want others to get hurt.

While waiting for the police to arrive, the store manager rounded up his employees and instructed them to check all of the carts in the store and see if there is another razor on each one of them. Luckily, the did not find any.

The police have two assumptions about why this happened. First, this can possibly be a prank. Someone out there may have the intention of harming anyone for no reason. The second theory is that these reasons are there to help thieves steal anything from the retailer. Walmart Inc is also suspecting that shoplifters are using the razors to cut security tags and would not be noticed by the security cameras.

There is a possibility that the shoplifters would place the blade backward in a way that it was set on the cart handle that cut Mel’s palm only for the purpose of stealing something from the store, and not to purposely hurt anyone. But would you believe that these shoplifters would be a bit considerate than we expect them to be? Many think that this is not the case.

If you are updated with Walmart news, you would know that this incident sounds familiar. That is because the same thing happened way back in 2015 to Lisa Zimmerman from Dawson, North Dakota.

Everyone is hoping that Walmart would take action and do everything in their power to reduce any occurrence similar to this in the future. Despite what happened, Cheryl and Mel are still thankful that the razor blade did not cause more damage, especially to young kids who tend to steer carts for their mom and dad.