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Photo Of Car Crash Goes Viral For Reason That’s Hard To Spot

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Photo Of Car Crash Goes Viral For Reason That’s Hard To Spot

One shocking accident happened in Georgia and had its victim as an eight-year-old black boy. The boy laid on the ground, shocked and scared. However, it was fortunate enough that there was an empathetic police officer around who helped the boy feel less fearful.

According to WBS-TV, one of the officers, Sgt Kay Denton, recounted the incident saying that she was scared for the fate of the child. However, she felt relieved when she saw her colleague, Cpl Christopher Holly, on the ground with the boy. The moment caught Denton’s attention, and she decided to take a picture of the scene of the accident with her colleague officer lying on the ground with the boy.

Denton recounted that the child was eight years old, and was a black male. The boy was very frightened and was also in pain because he had suffered some internal injuries. The officer had laid him on the ground and cradled, “This child was an eight-year-old black male who was scared to death and had some internal injuries.

” “This officer laid on the ground with this child, cradling his head in his hand and talking to him to keep him calm,” she continued.

Holly’s act of compassion was a great consolation to the kid. He got less scared and was able to talk to the officer, at times even laughing. Sometimes the boy patted the officer on the shoulder and played with his hair. It was amusing how quick he got comfortable with Cpl Holly.

It came as a surprise to the officer to learn that it was the boy’s birthday and probably was in the process of enjoying his day that the horrible fate caught up with him. So to keep the boy’s mind off the accident, Holly sang him birthday songs. They also talked about various other things like stuff about school and so on.

As unfortunate as the incident was, it was in time to challenge the complaints about police brutality and racism, that had recently grown so fast and wide. Denton explained that their work is to take care of everyone despite the color and that their actions depend on the situation at hand: are you the victim or the cause of the problem.

They, therefore, act accordingly depending on the situation in which you are in and not your skin the color of your skin.

He, therefore, disputed the accusations and referred to them as propaganda. He also mentioned that it was because of these allegations that he felt he should share the incident with the world and hopefully restore the confidence of the public in the police.

WBS-TV tried giving some details on the officer who saved the day and mentioned that he had worked the commerce police department from 2013. However, he has been serving as police for ten years.

The incident had many people amusing at Holly’s actions and his compassion. He indeed showed that police officers could be swift in action as well as compassionate.

In a brief statement that he made, he mentioned that what he did was not a big deal to him as a police officer. He went ahead, saying that most of their work, as much as 90%, involved helping people and that that is what he and his fellows all over the world do.

The young boy suffered some internal injuries. However, he was fortunate to find someone to help him through the terrifying moment before help came.