NTIA calls for changes to increase competition in mobile app markets, digital platforms and services

The Commerce Department’s National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) said in a new report released Wednesday that the current mobile app store model is harmful to consumers and developers and recommended policy changes to fix it. Mobile apps have become an important tool for participating in many aspects of daily life. Two companies — Apple … Read more

In a health system in crisis, UK heart care is suffering

COLCHESTER, England, Feb 2 (Reuters) – In April 2021, Gary Cogan felt a slow, burning pain steadily rise through his right arm. It was the start of a massive heart attack that doctors warned could cost him decades of life without timely triple-bypass surgery. Almost two years later Kogan is still waiting for an operation … Read more

The euro hit a 10-month high as central banks chart different paths

SINGAPORE/LONDON, Feb 2 (Reuters) – The euro hit a 10-month high against the dollar, a day after the U.S. Fed, ahead of a European Central Bank meeting where markets expect a half-percent rate hike. Reserves slowed down to 25 basis points. The Federal Reserve also said it had turned a corner in its fight against … Read more

Grid Cells Help Our Brains Move Crowds

Grid cells not only help us navigate our way through a complex environment, but also help us analyze the movements of other people, scientists from the University of Vienna have shown for the first time. Their new study on Nature Communication it also suggests an explanation for the mechanism that may lead to confusion in … Read more

Melbourne author Jessica Au wins $125,000 for ‘quiet strength’ book | Australian Books

Five of the eight winners in Australia’s richest annual literary prize pool are first-time authors this year, with a book of more than 100 pages taking home the Victorian prize of $100,000 for of literature. Cold Enough for Snow by Melbourne author Jessica Au also won the fiction category at the Victorian Premier’s literary awards … Read more

How T-Mobile Plans to Converge

A hot topic in the US telecommunications industry is convergence. Many believe it’s inevitable that wireless, fiber, and cable providers will become increasingly intertwined, first through bundled offerings and later through mergers and acquisitions. During his company’s quarterly conference call on Wednesday, T-Mobile CEO Mike Sievert explained how he plans to address the situation. “We … Read more

Biden’s IRA has blindsided Europe. And playing catchup can lead to 2 big mistakes

US President Joe Biden and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen. Bloomberg Bloomberg Getty Images The European Union is working to create a plan to compete with President Joe Biden’s unprecedented climate subsidies. But in this process, he will face two key problems. The European Union has long called on the United States to … Read more