The fitness of the pace bowlers is a big deal for the Black Caps test squad to face England

Brett Phibbs/Photosport Kyle Jamieson has impressed after returning from injury but has limited his build-up ahead of the Test series between New Zealand and England. The Black Caps brain trust can only be public figures feeling the same pressure as Wayne Brown. While Greater Auckland dealt with the deluge of rain and criticism, New Zealand’s … Read more

How do we lose a radioactive capsule? Australian inspectors are also wondering

Brisbane, Australia CNN – The discovery of a small radioactive capsule missing on the side of a remote highway in Western Australia raises many questions, including how it escaped layers of radiation-proof packaging loaded onto a moving truck. It’s one of many puzzling aspects of the case that investigators will examine in the coming weeks … Read more

How Fictiv is making hardware manufacturing more like building software • TechCrunch

By enabling companies to focus on their core competencies in the past Over the years, we’ve spoken with hundreds of hardware startups, and there’s one phrase that keeps popping up in nearly every interview: “supply chains.” They were always important to people shipping physical products, but the resulting pandemic and international logistics chaos created a … Read more

Gisele Bündchen reacts to Tom Brady’s NFL retirement announcement

Following rumors of a split, the two decided to return to the NFL. Photo / AP Almost four months after they announced their separation, Gisele Bündchen is proving to her ex-partners that they are still supportive of each other. Early this morning, her ex-husband and NFL star Tom Brady confirmed that he is retiring “for … Read more