Overwatch 2 is making it easier and cheaper for you to get vintage skins.

Coinciding with the release of Season 3, Overwatch 2 Presenting again. Overwatch Credits, providing players with ways to earn those credits through Battle Pass progression, and enhancements OverwatchEpic and legendary skins at low prices in his shop. Overall, this currency overhaul aims to address the long-standing complaint that the new cash shop Overwatch’s most unique and desirable features—its well-designed skins—behind a paywall that was prohibitively expensive.

As Overwatch As Season 2 nears its end, the developers published a blog highlighting their takeaways from the season. They addressed the new hero Ramatra, including tweaks to his abilities, updates to the competitive ladder, and changes to rewards for seasonal events. But perhaps the one thing that stood out the most was the changes the team is making to their skin shop, known as the Hero Shop in the game.

“In Season 3, we’re bringing back Overwatch Credits, which were previously shown as Legacy Credits and were unearned. Overwatch 2” read the post. “Now, all players can earn up to 1500 credits as free rewards and another 500 credits as premium rewards spread across the entire Season 3 Battle Pass. We’re also adding more uses for your credits so you can choose from many more potential rewards.”

The jump from the credits was phased in Overwatch To Overwatch 2. You get them as random rewards in loot boxes and can use them to buy cosmetics like skins, vocal lines and sprays. when Overwatch 2 involved in Overwatchyou have kept your credits and can still use them, but only on Overwatch Basic cosmetics you don’t have yet. Anything new requires the purchase of shiny new premium currency. Overwatch coins Since then Overwatch 2 Launched, players have complained that the shop prices are a bit expensive. Players can earn Overwatch Without buying coins, but they are awarded at such low prices that it will take months to earn enough to buy one of the new skins.

The developers were aware of the complaints and are making changes by reintroducing the credits, “almost all” epic and legendary. Overwatch Bringing skins to the shop and making them always available, and reducing their price.

According to the blog, “These changes mean that all players can get a Legendary skin of their choice each season from the Hero Gallery Skins, just for playing normally and without the need for a purchase.”

This at least partially addresses the concern that it was not possible for casual players to earn anything in the game without accumulating cash. But while this may satisfy players who haven’t quite finished their work. Overwatch Collection, unless Overwatch 2 Skin prices drop or the team increases the number of coins you can earn. Star shape Orissa Will still be out of reach for me and my wallet.

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