Notability Launches Pencil Tool, Bringing Paper-Like Sketchbook Experience to Digital Note-Taking

Vector-based ink enables shading and pencil-like strokes

SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 1, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Notabilitythe best-selling note-taking app created by Ginger Labs, today announced a new Pencil feature, bringing the most paper-like sketching experience to digital notetakers. This is the app’s first time creating a tool that enables users to style their ink strokes, add texture, and change colors after writing without any pixelation.

Notability’s Pencil is perfect for note-taking, idea sketching and illustrating. Complete with pressure and tilt sensitivity when paired with Apple Pencil, the tool provides the most lifelike handwriting experience resembling digital graphite. For the first time, users can add dimension and shading to their notes in Notability. The Pencil tool enables custom colors, and because of the vector-based technology, users can even style and change the color of Pencil ink strokes at any point during the sketch creation.

As with all Notability ink, the Pencil is built upon vector-based technology, meaning any strokes can later be resized or adjusted with no quality loss. Because of this, users can also style and change the color of pencil ink strokes at any point during or after sketching.

“At Notability, we believe that every great idea starts with a sketch,” he said Marc ProvostNotability team director, Ginger Labs. “The new Pencil feature is a powerful tool that will unlock more creativity and brainstorming within the app for an even wider swath of users including students, teachers, illustrators and artists.”

Since its founding in 2010, Notability has grown to over 30 million users and has been named an Editor’s Choice in the Apple App Store. Notability is available as a free app, allowing limits on editing features. The full version is currently available for $12.99/year, variable by territory.

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Ginger Labs is a leading productivity app developer known for its best-selling app, Notability. Launched in 2010 with the first release of iPad, Notability is a powerful, yet wonderfully simple app for handwritten notes and has been the most popular productivity software on the App Store since 2013.

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