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Mom Passes Away Days After A Normal Looking Bug Bite Appears

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Mom Passes Away Days After A Normal Looking Bug Bite Appears

Our health is one of our life’s greatest treasures, but sometimes, issues can be inevitable. Health problems can hit us in the most unexpected way and there are times that we think that a simple bite is nothing to be worried about.

But what happened to this woman should serve as a warning to everybody.

If you live near the woods, you know too well that you can encounter different types of bugs and insects. They may seem harmless, but there are others that can definitely cause deep concern.

Tamela Wilson got sick in an instant after she ignored a ‘normal’ bug bite. However, it ended up to be something totally deadly!

Various ticks and bloodsuckers are very annoying. But they are more than just pests. They can also pose a grave danger to your health. Tamela’s family learned this the hard way. The sad thing is, she ignored the bites and she passed away.

Tamela was complaining about frequent headaches, light red rash all over her body, and body pain. When she finally decided to schedule a trip to her doctor, she then learned that the symptoms that she was experiencing were part of a condition that was way worse than she expected. She was then struggling to keep her grips on different objects without shaking.

The doctors ran some tests on her and they learned that her white blood cells count was dangerously low.

However, it took a long time before they were able to figure out that a bug was causing all of these problems. Tamela’s family doctor sent her to the hospital and even though the ER doctors were able to treat her symptoms, they did not figure out what’s causing her health condition. She was deteriorating rapidly and they wanted that to stop. However, no treatments were able to cure her.

The doctors even sent her blood sample to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and they waited for the results. When it cam eback, the doctors were shocked because it was something that they have never seen before.

Tamela had the Bourbon Virus!

This is a very rare tick-borne illness and unfortunately, it has no cure and is extremely deadly. The doctors did everything that they can to help her body to fight off the disease, but she didn’t. Three weeks after she suffered the symptoms, Tamela passed away.

Her children learned that with swift intervention, Tamela could have stopped the progression of her disease. This is why her daughter wants to spread the awareness about the dangers of ticks as well as other parasites.

Bourbon Virus is rare but Tamela’s daughter is pleading for everyone to be careful. She is hoping that her mom’s sad story would be able to encourage others to check themselves for ticks and should know that these bloodsuckers are able to kill you.

After Tamela passed away, the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services refused to share any needed information about this rick-borne illness. Because the health department refused to share any information about just how many were infected by the said virus, they were under fire from the lawmakers. They will not allow this to happen, especially if they are purposely obstructing information for the public to learn about the Bourbon Virus.