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Michigan Woman Glues Eye Shut By Accident

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Michigan Woman Glues Eye Shut By Accident

Anything can happen when you are groggy and you wake up in the middle of the night to do something. Mistakes can happen when you are not quite awake yet. That is why unless it’s an emergency, it is best that you sit for a bit and think of what you will need to do before you actually do it.

That is not what this Michigan woman did and in an unfortunate mistake. It almost cost the woman her eyesight.

Yacedrah Williams woke up on a Thursday night with dry eyes. She wanted to take her contacts out so she searched her purse for her eye drops. When she got it, she put a large drop in her eye. And then it hit her. It was not her eye drops!

As it turned out, the small container that she blindly found in her purse wasn’t the eye drops. But instead, it was a fast-acting nail glue that she carries around with her in case she breaks a nail. And it was too late because the moment the liquid hit her eye, it was completely glued shut.

She quickly ran into the bathroom and started splashing water in her eye and trying to pry her eyelids apart. Unfortunately, they were stuck together too tightly that they wouldn’t budge.

She recalled, “I was like, ‘Oh my goodness. ’ It dropped in my eye and I tried to wipe it away. ” Of course, the glue was just doing its job, and no amount of wiping it away would work. Neither would flushing it with water or trying to pry her eyelids apart.

It sealed my eyes shut. ” She added, “I just started throwing cold water, and I was trying to pull my eyes apart but couldn’t. It was completely shut. ”

When nothing can help, Yacedrah’s husband called 911. She was rushed to the hospital. And fortunately, the doctors were able to get her eyelids open. They were able to remove the contact lens which was encrusted with glue. She did lose some of her eyelashes, but thankfully, her vision was not affected.

She was definitely lucky because the situation could’ve turned out differently. Doctors told her that her contact lenses actually what saved her eyes. It acted as a protective layer. According to Yacedrah, she swore that she won’t keep nail glue in her purse anymore. In fact, she might not be using nail glue anymore. She said, “I don’t think I’ll even have nail glue anymore.”

According to ophthalmologist George Williams, Yacedrah is not the first person to make this terrible mistake. He also said that dumping water into her eye and attempting to flush out the glue was exactly the right thing to do. He also suggests that if any time that something foreign goes into your eye, it flushing it with water is what you should do too.

He said, “You’ll make a mess, but you might save your vision. ”

The experience must have been so frightening. It was certainly a freak accident and it can happen to any of us. To avoid it from happening, it is best to take a second and sit on the side of the bed. This will ensure that you are thinking soundly before you do anything.