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Who, me? Reg’s weekly confessional column, Who, Me?, is on holiday with shoes off, festive drink and warm fire in hand. It’s a collection that made our minds wonder who, me? Mailbag for a roundup of some of the stories we think deserve to be told together.

A few months ago, you may recall, we told you about “Philip,” who played a prank on his Perspex-encased boss as a simple way to block a telephone line. Oh, the humor.

Phil’s exploits have inspired a few regions to tell us their own stories.

Some of them were quite ordinary and harmless, like “Buddy” who found himself and his team assigned to work inside a glass enclosure. In typical ’90s buzzword-friendly fashion, Bob hung a sign outside said cubicle, with the slogan “Thinking Outside the Box.”

This went unabated for a while until management noticed inside the cubicle one day that the other side of the sign read “Thinking Inside the Box”. At the time, the chapter’s superiors were less impressed.

More cubicle-centric hijinks were staged by “Legolas” and his crew, all of whom, including their supervisor, were sent into a space “eight feet wide and 20 feet long”. Ten people were expected to work in this cramped cubicle, so you’ll appreciate why it was nicknamed the “Sardine Can.”

Well, that will be fine, as long as everyone gets along and works as a united team. The thing is, the supervisor, “out of respect for his position,” was provided with a divider about four feet high (that’s a meter and a bit, put that drink up, please). It did not provide any privacy, but was clearly only there to explain the pecking order.

So the other nine sardines came up with a plan whereby the supervisor’s distribution was moved slightly – about an inch a week – to make the space smaller. The desk and chair and filing cabinet were also moved relative to each other so it wasn’t clear what was going on.

After two months, the head sardine lamented that he was gaining weight, which is when the scheme was exposed.

The telephone-interfering aspect of Philip’s joke inspired “Dobby” to tell him about an annoying and lazy manager at his former workplace who sent his phone to a random company line. will begin the day, thereby declaring himself untouchable. If anyone complained, they would blame it on a “telecom SNAFU”.

Well, a SNAFU is exactly what Dobby gave him. A quirk in the system means call forwarding From The extension did not work if another number had already been forwarded to that extension. But any number of extensions can be carried forward. To an extension. So that’s what Dubey and his colleagues did – in the dead of night, going from desk to desk, sending every phone in the place to their lazy manager.

You can imagine that close checks were then placed on the use of call forwarding.

And finally there’s “Hermie” whose boss was a neat freak who just couldn’t stand bugs. Not software bugs, actual bugs.

When the boss catches a few crickets that have been plaguing the office, Hermi comes up with a plan. He acquired some “creepy” devices that could be strategically hidden, and made cricket-like noises at random intervals. He put them behind shelves and cupboards and waited.

Boss freaks out, climbs on a small step stool to reach the hiding places and retrieve the noisy squealers. Confronting the staff, he demanded an immediate halt to the prank. The staff assured him that would be the case.

But Hermie crossed his fingers for that last moment, and secretly chirped another. Boss, angry, searched on every shelf and with every cabinet. He was convinced it must be a real cricket, because it seemed to roam the office. He looked around, it seemed very close, but he couldn’t find him.

Finally the chatter stopped. These chatters don’t have unlimited battery after all. The boss probably thought the cricket had moved on to greener pastures. Herme knew he was still taped to the bottom of the step stool.

And with that we leave you to a restful and hopefully happy holiday season. Who, me? It will resume on January 9. Of course, if you feel like you want to chat with us in the interim, email me, who? With our own stories of techy derring-do and we’ll be sharing them in 2023.

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