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Every smartphone has an airplane mode. But what exactly is it and why is this special mode named after an airplane? We explain everything you need to know about flight mode on mobile!

What is flight mode on mobile?

Airplane mode, also known as offline on some devices, terminates all communication connections on the device. Activating it will disconnect the phone from the mobile network and all WLAN, Bluetooth and NFC connections. Thus, communication is impossible neither from the outside nor to the outside. Thus, flight mode allows you to disconnect the device from the network without turning it off completely.

Flight mode is named after its original purpose. For example, most airlines require electronic devices to be turned off during takeoff and landing. Because it is expensive, smartphone manufacturers have implemented flight mode. In this way, all signals can be turned off with a single hand movement. Electronic devices must be turned off, as they can interfere with radio communications in the aircraft cabin with interference signals. With modern smartphones, the likelihood of this happening is low, but the disruption to the flight crew if it does happen is unpleasant.

When does airplane mode make sense?

Most people get on a plane very rarely. Nevertheless, flight mode is very popular. So are there other reasons to use it? In fact, there are many arguments for using airplane mode on a mobile phone.
Especially in situations that require concentration, flight mode makes it a lot easier. Unlike other do not disturb modes, it reliably disables any connection. This means that neither messages nor calls go through. It is very useful when studying, at work or at night. Compared to turning off your cell phone, the main advantage of airplane mode is that it doesn’t require much control. The device does not need to be turned off or on again after entering the PIN code.

It also makes sense to use this mode on planes and ships. Since roaming rules do not apply here, and the signal is mostly detected via satellite connection, data usage charges are very high. According to him, the price of 30 euros per megabyte is not unusual Consumer Federation.

By the way, turning on the flight mode significantly reduces the radiation of the mobile phone. Since the transmitter antenna is turned off, it no longer emits cell phone radiation. It also disables WLAN, Bluetooth and NFC signals, further reducing emissions. Only electromagnetic radiation is still generated, but much less than before. Therefore, users who want to reduce their exposure to radiation are advised to turn on airplane mode from time to time. However, it is only possible to turn off radiation completely by turning off the device.

How to turn on airplane mode on mobile?

Enabling Airplane mode on both iPhone and Android devices is extremely easy. In both cases, you first need to open the so-called control center. On iPhone, you can do this by placing your finger on the bottom edge of the screen and dragging it up. Control Center will then appear, displaying an airplane icon. If you tap this, you will activate flight mode. On Android devices, on the other hand, you have to swipe down from the top edge of the screen. This will also open the control center where you will find the airplane icon.

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