Matthew Perry was a ‘Courageous’ Book Writer

Janice loves Chandler! Maggie Wheeler revealed that he “reads every word” of Friends costar Matthew Perry‘s memoir — and I couldn’t be more proud.

“I lost my brother to drug addiction, so I don’t know how difficult and difficult the journey is,” Wheeler, 61, said. We every week on Tuesday, January 24, as he promotes his new collaboration with International Delight Friends Manhattan Hazelnut Mocha creamer. I am proud of Matthew and how hard he fought for his life.

The New York native — who played Perry’s character Chandler and, again, his girlfriend Janice on the NBC series — noted that there are “a lot of details” in the 53-year-old actor’s resume. Friends, Lovers and the Big Bad Thingthat “he did not realize” what had happened.

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“He’s had some very dark and unbearable struggles, and he’s a survivor that he’s still here and coming out and sharing his story with the world,” Wheeler said. Us. “I think it’s brave and amazing and I’m sure he’s helping people by doing that.”

Perry, who portrayed Chandler Bing for 10 seasons from 1994 to 2004, detailed his battle with alcoholism in a long-running play and in his book, which hits bookshelves in November 2022.

“You can trace the way I was addicted if you measure my weight from season to season — when I’m pregnant, I drink; when I’m thin, it’s pills,” he wrote in the memoir. “When I have a goat, it’s a lot of pills.”

The Fools Come In Small the actor remembers drinking for the first time when he was 14 and became addicted to painkillers after a jet ski accident in a movie set in 1997. After decades of struggling and spending “over $7 million to try to get sober,” Perry emerged victorious. until 2001.

Through all the highs and lows, the Friends the cast always supports the Odd Couples alum.

“That drama is a family. Everyone cared about each other no matter what,” Wheeler said Us on Tuesday. “They became big stars together.”

He recalled the first year of production with the actors sitting “in a broken green room playing poker on some ratty chairs.” Almost overnight, Wheeler said there were “fax machines working in every locker room. [had] offerings and agents and managers” for the stars.

While he The Addams Family the actress hasn’t spoken to Perry since reading her book, she’s been thinking about him often. “Before I left for this trip, I said, ‘I really need to write to him and let him know how much I love him, how much I love him. And that I was honored to read it,’” he explained.

Wheeler recalled reading how much Perry had struggled Friends come to the end, it means Us he felt the same way. He says: “I remember how sad I was. “It was like the end of an extraordinary chapter.”

The An archer Star noted that her experience as a guest star was “a little different” from the original six stars: Perry, Matt LeBlanc, David Schwimmer, Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow.

“It was a daily, 24/7 experience,” Wheeler said. “The recovery from that was different than mine. But it also felt like a huge loss to let it close the door.”

Maggie Wheeler Calls 'Friends' Costar Matthew Perry 'Brave and Brave' for Revealing His Addiction Battles in Book Creamer

NEW FRIENDS Manhattan Hazelnut Mocha creamer. Courtesy of International Delight

The Holidays The actress, however, is still celebrating her time Friendsrecently teamed up with International Delight to promote their new limited-edition product, Friends Manhattan Hazelnut Mocha, inspired the character of the hitcom.

“Is it tasty. It has peanuts and mocha and reminds us of the show. It was inspired by Manhattan Mocha, which is the coffee served at Central Perk,” he said. Us refers to a specific Hangout location. “It’s on a chalkboard. Supporters will have noticed if they looked closely at what was offered on the board. ”

Wheeler even recalled his first photo shoot with Perry, saying, “Chandler, he brings me a big cup of coffee. So [the creamer] It really reminds me of my time Friends.”

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