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Man Who Poisoned 5-Year-Old Complains That Jail Is Too Brutal And Has A Demand

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Man Who Poisoned 5-Year-Old Complains That Jail Is Too Brutal And Has A Demand

You probably already heard about The Garnett Spears story – the boy poisoned by his mother with salt until he dies.

The mother, Lacey Spears, was sentenced to 22 years of life in prison after proven to have deliberately poisoned her son with an unthinkable amount of salt through the years. Now behind bars, Spears speaks about her jail time experience and complains that her inmates are “brutal” and calling her “baby killer.”

The nation was shocked and outraged after learning of the cause of death of 5-year-old Garnett.

When Garnett was born in 2008, his mother said that the dad was an officer named ‘Blake.’ She said that he suffered a tragic death before Garnett was born. Baby Garnett was released from the hospital as a perfectly healthy baby. But days after being home, he started to have problems with malnutrition and dehydration.

During her interview with 48 Hours, Spears said, “Garnett had severe ear infections … and the biggest problem we had was we couldn’t get him to eat … so he was losing weight…he just would not take a bottle, he would not take baby food, and he would not nurse.”

She claimed that she took Garnet to different hospitals and was also seen by many doctors. There was one time that a doctor who checked on Garnett from Alabama found that the boy’s sodium levels were at 180 – higher than the normal range for infants. The mother claimed that at this point, Garnett refused to eat any food and instead of gaining weight which he needed, he was losing it.

During his first year, Garnett was hospitalized 23 times. He was not getting the essential nutrients that he needed to survive and this worried the doctors.

Lacey took advantage of this moment to spread on social media about the condition of her son. She kept on updating their ‘fans’ and supporters of any updates on his condition. She even started a blog she called “Garnett’s Journey.” Many people would be reading his mother’s blogs where she would inform the public as well as her ‘fans’ that her son has a health condition and he refused to eat.

The boy’s condition started to improve after they moved to Chestnut Ridge, N.Y. in 2012. They resided at The Fellowship Community, an alternative and holistic community. They spent a year and a half here and it seems that Garnett was thriving here and everything seemed to be okay for them both. According to Lacey, Garnett loved it there and he likes to socialize with other people.

However, this did not last long. When Garnett turned 5, he was hospitalized again. The doctors did their best and even monitored his brain activity by setting up a special wired cap on his head. The doctors again found that his sodium levels were extremely high. He was then transferred by a helicopter to the Westchester’s Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital.

Sadly, nothing could be done. It was too late to revive Garnett.

His sodium levels made his brain swell. The doctors believed that Lacey was poisoning her son with salt. The doctors, later on, found out as well as the authorities that the little boy was fed with bags of toxic levels of sodium. When the police searched Lacey’s place, they were able to seize hundreds of items and this includes a bottle of sea salt. The main evidence that proved she killed her son was footage taken at Garnett’s hospital room. Lacey was carrying him in her arms and brought him to the bathroom.

Seconds after they returned, Garnett started to feel sick and can be seen that he’s putting his head in the bed. His mother was just looking at him while the medical staffs were trying to save him. What they found later on that when they left the room, she put salt in his feeding bag.

Lacey Spears was convicted of murder of her son, Garnett.