Krasnicki: Haradinaj and Kurti unite causes in opposition, one demarcating and the other forming associations.

Albert Krasnicki, an expert on legal and political affairs in the country, has announced the situation that has arisen in connection with the association.

Krasniqit says that AAK’s leader, Ramush Haradinaj, and now the country’s prime minister, Albin Kurti, united causes in the opposition to oppose the government, with one limitation, another association.

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“Ramish Haradinaj and Albin Kurti united their aims when they were in opposition to oppose the government. One with demarcation, the other with association. Ironically, as prime minister, Haradinaj demarcated. , and Kirti as Prime Minister created the association”, Krasnicki said.

He also emphasized that just as Haradinj had packaged the demarcation agreement with the report of the Commission to Review the Treaty, Kurti was doing so with six conditions.

“Basically, the contracts remain the same, only grace is added in the public eye,” he added.

In other news, the country’s Prime Minister Albin Kurat announced after yesterday’s meeting with the special representative for Kosovo-Serbia talks, Miroslav Lajic, that Kosovo would accept the EU’s proposal, but he said he was there. There are some questions that will be presented in Brussels.

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During the last plenary session, Kirti listed six conditions which, according to him, must be fulfilled before accepting the association.

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