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Johnny Carson Had Many Classic Moments But This One From 30-Years-Ago Easily Takes The Cake

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Johnny Carson Had Many Classic Moments But This One From 30-Years-Ago Easily Takes The Cake

Drew Barrymore has been a star pretty much all her life.

Sometimes, kids actually make for really interesting guests on talk shows, however, in the case of this vintage clip of young Drew Barrymore on the Tonight Show, she definitely made the stage hers. It is really no wonder that Drew went on to become a huge star, f this interview with her, when she was just 7 years old with Johnny Carson, is any indication of just how much she has an endearing personality.

Back in 1982, Barrymore made her first appearance on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson as she was still making a huge splash in the movie E.T. In the interview, Barrymore took to the stage, but she first made a mistake, slipped and fell flat. She, however, handled the situation with a tremendous amount of grace, as Carson walked to help her up and move her to her seat.

Barrymore was more than charming, as Carson got things started by assuring her that there were others who had slipped in the stage before her. She blamed it on the slippery shoes that she had on, and the audience was immediately won over by the level of cuteness that they were seeing.

The two of them discussed fashion, going to the dentist, and the career she was developing as an actress. She didn’t hold back, and she went as far as popping her fake teeth at a point during the show in order to show off how the put the appliance on while her adult teeth were still growing in.

Carson asked her if she would be more comfortable without the fake teeth during the interview, and she was more than happy to ditch them. As a seven-year-old, she put them on Carson’s desk, which definite drew a barrage of laughs.

When asked about E.T., Barrymore spoke on director Steven Spielberg and how she was able to get the part when she first auditioned for Poltergeist, but Spielberg didn’t think that she was going to be able to play the part. She eventually proved to be the perfect fit for this role in the movie.

Barrymore spoke further on her audition, how she was able to act “in awe” of something and she needed to scream, which she described as “screaming her throat off”

Carson was delighted by her personality of the young girl and he invited her to return again. Those who commented on her lovely child interview were really impressed, with a person noting, “She is obviously a natural onstage. She had no fear at all, she was sharp, and she was cute”

Another person remarked, “God, she was just so adorable!”

Another commenter spoke on how Barrymore was able to stay focused on the interview, which is not typical for someone of her age, saying: “Apart from just being adorable, her composure is amazing not a lot of seven-year-olds can hold a conversation for 9 minutes”

One person commented on the skill of Carson as well, saying: “Carson was actually a good interviewer (although that should really go without saying). The way he immediately made Barrymore feel comfortable after that entrance by mentioning that a lot of adults have had that issue is amazing”

Now grown with her own daughters, Barrymore has definitely gained some perspective about parenting, telling Ellen DeGeneres that being the mother of Olive and Frankie has been a life-changing experience