Inspirational Book ‘Families’ by Margo Price

Margo Price’s fourth studio album, It wanders, a soundtrack of pop, rock guitar, and country songs. Here, he shares some inspiration.

Children Only by Patti Smith
“I’ve read a lot of music records,” says Price. this is my favorite “hands on the ground. Patti has influenced my work as a writer and musician. ” Price’s Memoir, Maybe we willappeared last year.

Women of the Canyon by Joni Mitchell
Price says of Mitchell: “I finally got to play outside of the norm for my next album.” He calls the record “a blueprint for pure, bone-chilling writing.”

Christina’s world by Andrew Wyeth
“I read that the title, in honor of Wyeth’s wife, shows that the painting is more of a mental space than a painting, which shows a state of mind rather than a space.”

Taking care of the seeds is a time-honored metaphor, from the fruits of Eden to the flowers of Manderley. This month, take a realistic view—albeit something more appealing than living with plants: From Vendome, Jennifer Ash Ruddick‘s Palm Beach Living (1) presents lush images of tropical homes, whereas Toby Musgravehas been reproduced Garden (2), from Phaidon, explores over 200 styles, from bonsai to Frida Kahlo’s Mexican painting. To Political Garden (4), from NYU Press, Mary Kuhn he looks at politics through the lens of 19th-century artists – extraordinary gardeners including Emily Dickinson and Frederick Douglass, and Lucy Mora‘s The Kitchen Garden (3), from Thames & Hudson, emphasizes the growth and preparation of edible plants: food and thinking.

Round trip

Works of serious fiction about climate, music and media.


This collection, created by Greta Thunberg and from Penguin Press, it features essays from resources such as David Wallace-Wells and Robin Wall Kimmerer giving different opinions about the climate crisis.


Celebrating the much-loved BBC Radio 4 show, which showcases guests in their musical choices, this superb compilation includes interview segments with Jimmy Stewart, Dame Judi DenchDizzy Gillespie, Sir David Attenboroughand others.


In this case, Succession-esque story of the battle for control of Paramount Global, James B. Stewart and Rachel Abrams weave together a case, family feuds, and the lurking Les Moonves. (Also from Penguin Press.) —KW

Six Pack

Dramas, social dramas, and other new books

This Other Eden

Written by Paul Harding with meticulous accuracy, at the turn of the 20th century, a well-intentioned white missionary destroys a close-knit community living on an island off the coast of Maine. (WW Norton & Company)

Years of Vice

The life of a New Delhi gambling heir, his servant, and a journalist who reports on his family turns the page of Deepti Kapoor, who is involved in a fatal car accident. (Riverhead)

I Have Questions For You

A film professor returns to his New England boarding school – and reluctantly relives the memories of a decades-old murder – in Rebecca Makkai’s stunning new novel. (Vikings)

Vintage Contemporaries

In the book by Dan Kois editor of the Tablet, a few unlikely friends grow up and drift apart in 1990s New York, amid protests and the publishing industry. (Harper)

City of Victory

Spanning 250 years, Salman Rushdie’s story follows the interwoven events of a young woman who becomes a vessel for a goddess and the efforts of the women’s empire she creates. (Unplanned house)

Central Regions

From VF Vanities senior writer Delia Cai, a story of push and pull at home: When Audrey Zhou visits her parents for the holidays, her past conflicts with someone she thought it will be him. (Ballantine)

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