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If You Ever See A Brown Patch Like This In Your Grass, Step Away Slowly And Call For Help

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If You Ever See A Brown Patch Like This In Your Grass, Step Away Slowly And Call For Help

With the cold winter weather over it’s a great time to spend some time outdoor in your yard and who doesn’t like some fresh air in sitting in the perfectly green and plush lawn. In the perfection of a nicely mowed green lawn, a patch of brown will definitely stand out.

So when a homeowner finds a patch of brown grass in his own he scoots over for a closer inspection. While the brown patch of grass isn’t unusual in itself, but when he discovers something moving underneath the grass, he decided to call in professionals to help.

A representative of the Ontario wildlife removal comes in to take a look at the dried patch of grass. And while doing his job he makes an educational video to teach us a little lesson about what could be hiding beneath the brown patch of grass and what you should expect or do when you find one around your yard.

In the instructional video, the wildlife removal experts reveal what was hiding beneath the grass and it is not as sinister as you might think. In fact, it’s nothing but some cute baby rabbit. It turned out the brown patch of grass was a rabbit nest and what the homeowner saw moving underneath it were the few weeks old baby rabbits.

The patch of dried grass doesn’t look like so much from afar, but as he pulls up the grass he reveals a group of baby bunnies nested safely beneath the grass and blending in perfectly with it. he even pulls one out and gives us a glimpse of the adorable little animals. According to him the little rabbits were juts few weeks old and must have been not more than tiny fur less specks in the ground few weeks before.

Mother was nowhere in sight though as she must have gone to find something to eat for herself and her litter.

He then goes ahead an educates us on what to do on the events that you find one of these nests in your yard. His recommendations are simple and straight forward just let them be, usually the mother rabbit isn’t going to stay around and will only come once or twice a day to check up on her litter and feed them before going off again, usually she will be around for less than 20 minutes the whole day.

As for the little ones they will be ready to be weaned within weeks and will be out of your hair in no time.

Rabbits usually hide their nest in plain view like the middle of the lawn for example. Interestingly it does so for safety reasons by hiding in plain sight, natural predators will be too afraid to come out in the open to hunt them and disturb their nest the only danger to them around the house is household pets around the house or being discovered by humans.

Which is why the conservation expert advises that you just let them be rather than disturb their nest. It is even recommended that you protect them from your pet dogs and cats.

Watch the video below to see the adorable little bunnies and learn some important information in tips too. You might the information handy especially if you plan to be out in your yard more often!