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I Finally Decided To Ask My Neighbor Why She Puts 3 Ice Cubes Every Time She Does The Laundry

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I Finally Decided To Ask My Neighbor Why She Puts 3 Ice Cubes Every Time She Does The Laundry

This just might be the “technology” that will put irons out of business for good.

A lot of parents have cleaning traditions and norms that they learned from maybe their parents or grandparents. Some of them might seem a tad odd when compared to others, but still, they can work. This efficacy, despite the weirdness that these clothes have, will make most people wonder just why they never really gave these tips much though before in the first place.

Well, wherever these hacks for cleaning homes came from, a lot of people are definitely happy that they learned them.

When it comes to getting your clothes ready for a night out (maybe a party, a sleepover, a night at work, etc. ), there is actually one major life hack that is capable of saving you a load of time and which can rid you of the annoyance of having to wait and iron all your clothes. This hack was first noticed when I was at the place of a friend of mine and I saw her put a few ice cubes into her dryer. It actually wasn’t the first time that I saw her do it.

I remember seeing her do it once, but I never really bothered to ask her why she was doing it. Now, I’m glad I ended up asking her because this hack worked too perfectly. I can’t begin to imagine what I would have done if I didn’t discover it.

Plus the hack is completely free of any costs. You get to save money and make your life easier with the same hack. Who wouldn’t want that?

If you will like to get smooth laundry that has an outlook of something that has been expertly ironed, all you have to do is place two or three ice cubes in your laundry with your clothes.

I can imagine that the first reaction that you’ll have is “Huh? What could she be thinking?” Well, hear me out first.

This trick actually works really well.

So the next question is probably “How is it able to get me what I need?”

Well, the working process is actually quite simple.

The ice will get melted by the dryer and in the process, it will be turned into steam. This steam will go on to de-wrinkle your clothes, and they get straightened out in the process.

Whenever you decide to make use of this laundry hack in your home, keep in mind that it is usually best to make use of just a small load of laundry. The steam might not be able to de-wrinkle large piles of clothes, so you will most probably leave to break your laundry into small piles in order for you to allow it work as effectively as possible.

On the one hand, it helps straighten out your clothes. On the other hand, it might take more effort in that you will have to put in your clothes batch after batch. Choose which you refer.

It is perfect if you don’t have much time on your hands, or if you’re the type of person who just has a natural hatred for the tedious stress that comes with having to iron clothes on a steady basis. I know I hate it a lot, and I’m definitely not the only one who does.