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I Finally Asked My Neighbor Why She Sprinkles Baby Powder All Over Her Yard

  • 4 min read

I Finally Asked My Neighbor Why She Sprinkles Baby Powder All Over Her Yard

If you love gardening, then you might have experienced some difficulties in keeping your garden blooming and in good shape. One of the most common problems when gardening is the infestation of different bugs and animals. You might have already tried various expensive and time-consuming solutions just to protect your garden.

With the help of easy life hacks, there is now a simple answer to this problem!

Using baby powder can effectively manage your garden! Yes, you read it right. You can now use baby powder to help fight off ants, aphids, beetles, rabbits, and other pests. Aside from the garden, this simple hack can also be used around the house. Here are some of the uses of baby powder inside and outside of your home:

Baby Powder Uses Outside Your Home

Keep Rabbits Away!

Rabbits simply do not like the smell or the taste of the baby powder. This is why when you sprinkle powder around your garden, this can keep these pesky rabbits away. Just make sure to vacate the are once you have the powder sprinkled since the wind or rain can blow it away.

No More Ants.

Whether inside or outside our home, ants are one of the most annoying pests! They can easily plague your home and garden. You can sprinkle this around the foundation of your house, in your doorways, and also in your garden to keep the ants away. They don’t like baby powder and they will avoid it.

Beetles Hate Baby Powder.

Similar to ants and rabbits, the beetles also don’t like baby powder. By using just a small amount on plant leaves, it is enough to repel Japanese beetles and other types of beetles who do not like the taste of baby powder. However when it rains or if there is a heavy wind, make sure to reapply.

Say Goodbye To Aphids.

Aphids are some of the biggest problems that gardeners face. Sometimes, gardeners also call them whiteflies, blackflies, greenflies, and plant life. Just make sure to sprinkle some baby powder whenever you see aphids in your garden and this will keep these unpleasant pests away.

Baby Powder Uses Inside The House

Prevent Root Rot.

With the use of baby powder, you can now prevent root rot in your indoor bulbs. You can spread just a tiny bit of powder dust on the bulbs and put them into a Ziplock bag. You can then add a few tablespoons of baby powder. Seal the bag and shake it up. Once you are ready to plant the bulbs, the mice won’t feed on the roots and the roots would not also rot.

Remove Show Odor.

Your shoes can smell stinky sometimes especially if you are busy running errands or you spend plenty of time in the garden. You can add a bit of baby powder into your shoes to help absorb the mold and reduce any foul odors!

No More Tool Friction.

Some tools can create friction on your hands especially when you use them a lot. To help reduce friction when you handle your tools or to prevent them from slipping away from your too sweaty hands, apply baby powder on your tools. This can also avoid getting blisters from being too dry. This is very helpful on your shovels, shears, and spades.

Life hacks make our everyday life easier! Surely, you never thought that baby powder is one of them. Now, you can keep your gardens and home free from pests with the use of baby powder.