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I Asked Why My Neighbor Keeps Bars Of Soap In His Garden

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I Asked Why My Neighbor Keeps Bars Of Soap In His Garden

If you have neighbors, it is important that you are being nice to them. Who knows, you might learn something valuable from them that you have never heard of your entire life!

A man discovered that there is always a genuine reason to have a good relationship with your neighbors. He found out that his neighbor would keep putting bars of soap in her garden. He shared that he and his wife was sitting and relaxing on their porch and saw the woman next door carrying new Irish Spring Soap.

She chopped it into chips and scatter it around her vegetables and flower garden. He initially thought that it was really weird.

He got curious as to why she would do this, so he did a little research about his neighbors’ gardening habit. As soon as he read the results and some articles about why people put soap in their garden, he was amazed!

“She wasn’t as crazy as I had thought,” he said.

In fact, he even thinks that he is the crazy one for not putting soap in their own garden. Since then, he did the same thing and put soap near his favorite plants. Here’s the reason why!

Scented soaps are not only used inside the bathrooms. As it turns out, these fragrant soaps can help keep animals away from your gardens. If you scatter chips of soap around the yard and your gardens, stray animals would stay away from your space. Aside from that, instead of just tossing the chips of soap around, you can also attach them into wooden stakes.

This will send out the scent even farther and will keep these critters away. You might need to spend a little extra on some of the items needed for this hack, but for sure, it will all be worth it.

Here’s what you will need:

Irish Spring scented soap


6 wooden stakes that are 3-feet tall each

6 mesh pouches or patches of cheesecloth

Staple gun

Here’s what you need to do:

You need to cut your Irish Spring soap into pieces.

Place the chips into the mesh pouches or you can tie them into bags using your cheesecloth.

Hammer the stakes into the ground with at least two feet of wood protruding out.

Staple each sack of soap on the top of the stake.

Once you have everything in place, you’re good to go. This would be enough to keep these critters away but you can surely take a little step further. If you have extra soap you can sprinkle them around your garden especially on spots where animals might usually visit, and also on your areas where you put your extra special plants and flowers.

Once your garden is loaded with these bars of soap, you can be assured that no animals will come near them. If it rains, the water will help activate the soap which will then release more scent to help fend off these animals.

If you are tired of these uninvited guests, follow this simple hack and you will instantly notice the difference. It takes a little effort and time, but it will all be worth it. Now you can rest easy. Your gardens will be safe all year round – rain or shine!