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Husband Of Woman Who Was Breastfeeding At Restaurant Finds Paralyzing Note On The Bill

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Husband Of Woman Who Was Breastfeeding At Restaurant Finds Paralyzing Note On The Bill

Jackie Johnson-Smith was nursing her third baby when she and her husband decided to take some time off and go for a family dinner away from all the stress of childbearing and raising kids. But of course, the couple still had to take their infant with them.

During their meal, the little infant got hungry too and despite being in a public place, Jackie had no choice but to feed her baby an act some women would never dream of doing and which many people still perceive as wrong.

Breastfeeding in public is still a matter of public debate. Many people still flinch at the idea of women feeding in public places. Those that are against it insist that it should only be done in private since a woman’s breast should not be exposed to peering eyes. But on the other hand, those who disagree claim there is nothing sexual at all about breastfeeding. It has no sexual connotation at all.

While Jackie aware of the fact that some people are “offended” when they see moms breastfeed their infants in public, the young mother is fearless when it comes to public perception because she knows how important it is to breastfeed her child.

I have breastfed three children. I have breastfed them in countless places both pleasant and unpleasant, discreetly and out in the open. I have gotten many looks and stares.”

As expected, someone noticed Jackie as she breastfed her baby. It was one of the servers at the restaurant and even though she couldn’t go to Jackie directly to tell her how impressed she was by her act, she scribbled a short note on the receipt and slipped it to her husband when the woman excused herself to use the bathroom.

The waitress at a pizza joint in Des Moines, Iowa who goes by the name Bodi had noticed Jackie open her shirt and feed her hungry infant without flinching. She was obviously impressed by the brave woman’s undaunting act and when Jackie was away, she couldn’t help but pass a comment.

During this family night at a pizza joint in Des Moines, Iowa, the waitress Bodi watched as Jackie opened her shirt and put the hungry infant to breast. At first, she held her tongue, but when Jackie was in the bathroom, she swooped in to share her comments.

Jackie would later share the waiter’s note to her on Facebook.

“The waitress gave this receipt to my husband. I was speechless and emotional.” She wrote.

The kind waitress not only had an endearing message for Jackie but was impressed enough to even pay for one of their pizzas. “I bought one of your pizzas. Please thank your wife for breastfeeding!” her note read.

Although Jackie didn’t think to feed her own child was something that she needed to be especially appreciated for, it was still an amazing feeling all the same. Jackie also got several encouraging responses on Facebook as well.

“It is amazing how we women can make each other feel when we empower each other.”

Bodi understood the undue stigma breastfeeding has in the United States. She knew how much it means for a mum not to be able to feed her child because the public thinks it is wrong and she was glad that women like Jackie were taking a stand for their baby’s wellbeing over public opinion.