How will tag team boxing work? What are the rules for Los Pineda Coladas vs. The Fantastic 2?

March 4th will be a historic moment in crossover boxing with MF & DAZN: X Series holding the first ever tag team boxing match.

It will see two teams, Los Pineda Coladas and The Fantastic 2, in what will be a historic night.

But with this being a new type of match, many fans will be wondering what the rules will be.

DAZN breaks them down.

1. Teams

1.1 A tag team bout will consist of two teams of two boxers each.

1.2 During a tag team bout, one member of each team will compete under the Boxing Rules (“Fighter”).

1.3 Each team member not participating in the tag team bout (“substitute”) will stand outside the ring ropes and on the apron behind their team’s corner.

1.4 Each team will be free to determine which team member will be the fighter at the beginning of each round of the tag team bout.

1.5 A substitute may not enter the ring unless tagged by a fighter in accordance with Clause 2.

1.6. The substitute shall at all times follow the instructions of the Local Commission and the Tag Team Boat Referee. This may mean, at times, standing below the ring apron.

2. Tagging

2.1 A tag is initiated when a fighter lifts and holds a glove straight up in the air during any inactivity period during a tag team bout.

2.2 Once the fighter has raised his glove in the air, he is free to move to his corner and touch the glove with the alternate at which point the fighter becomes the alternate and vice versa (a “tag”).

2.3. During a tag the competitor must stand in the neutral corner until told by the referee to proceed with the tag team boot. An opponent shall not be allowed to tag his substitute during the tag of the other team.

2.4 Where the substitute does not wish to tag, the fighter must continue with the tag team boot.

2.5 A fighter must not attempt a tag during any round of engagement with an opponent. For the avoidance of doubt, a tag may only be applied during a period of inactivity such as after the clinch has been broken by the referee.

2.6. Where an opponent attempts to continue a tag team bout during a tag, their team will be disqualified from the tag team bout.

2.7. There is no limit to the number of tags that can be applied during a bot.

2.8. A tag cannot be applied during the referee’s count after a knockdown.

3. Winning the competition

3.1 According to boxing rules, a team wins a tag team bout as if only two members were competing in the tag team bout.

3.2 For the avoidance of doubt:

  • Scorecards are calculated based on the boxers’ performance in the ring as if both team members were one person.
  • If a member of a team is knocked out or the referee decides on a technical knockout, the other team will win the tag team bout.

Los Pineda Coladas vs The Fantastic 2 Fight Date, Start Time

  • History: Saturday 4 March
  • Time: 7 pm GMT (8 pm BST) / 2 pm ET
  • Fight Ring Walk (approx): TBA

The event is scheduled to begin at 7 pm GMT (8 pm BST) / 2 pm ET, with the ringwalk for this particular fight yet to be announced. Times are subject to change due to the length of the undercard fight.

Can I watch Los Pineda Coladas vs. The Fantastic 2 on DAZN?

The card will be broadcast live on DAZN in more than 200 countries around the world. You can sign up for a subscription here. However, if you’re in Argentina, Chile and Colombia, you’ll need to download the DAZN app from the Apple App Store or Android Google Play Store and then sign up from there instead of a web browser.

What devices are supported on DAZN?

DAZN is available on web browsers at (except Argentina, Chile and Colombia) and also has apps available for all of the following TV and streaming devices:

Mobile devices TV and streaming devices Game consoles
iPhone, iPad Amazon Fire TV PlayStation 4
Android phones, tablets Amazon Fire TV Stick PlayStation 5
Amazon Fire Tablet Android TV Xbox one
Apple TV XBox Series X | S
Google Chromecast
LG Smart TV, Smart Cast
Panasonic Smart TV
Samsung Smart TV
Sony Smart TV

Where is the Los Pineda Coladas vs. The Fantastic 2 fight?

The fight will be held at the Telford International Center in England.

Los Pineda Coladas vs. The Fantastic 2 fight card

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  • Deen the Great vs Puli Arif; for the MF Lightweight Championship
  • King Kenny vs. Ashley Rick SU
  • Astrid Wett vs. AJ Bunker: For the Women’s MF Flyweight Championship
  • Genty v Halal Ham
  • Waleed Shark vs. N&A Productions
  • Tempo Arts v. Goodson
  • Los Pineda Coladas vs. The Fantastic 2: Tag Team Boxing

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