How to complete the side mission Premeditated Malpractice in Dead Space Remake?

The Dead Space remake brings the classic title to a new generation. But thanks to many additions and improvements to the basic design and formula, the game is more than a rash. The developers studied how USG Ishimura was pushed down with the new side quest. One such mission is called Premeditated Malpractice.

This side mission, one of several created from the ground up for this new offering, seeks to uncover the mysteries of the ship’s past. It focuses on the backstory of the regenerating Hunter Necromorph, who was once human and a crew member. This guide will walk players through the missions.

Here’s how to complete the Premeditated Malpractice side mission in Dead Space Remake.

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Players will have frozen Hunter near the end of Chapter 5 in the Dead Space remake. Such is the case as the monster leaves tissue remnants in the cryogenic chamber, which players can go to in Chapter 6 to pick up from inside the containment chamber. It is located in the medical area. With side missions enabled, players can now proceed with objectives.

The first course of action is to analyze the tissue sample. After picking it up, protagonist Isaac Clarke must receive a call from Kendra, prompting him to scan it. Open the mission menu and track the scan tissue sample objective. This information will lead players to the main lab of the Dead Space remake’s medical sector, where a machine can be used to find a DNA match.

Hunter turns out to be a mining contractor from Aegis VII named Brant Harris. After the first phase is completed, Clark must track down the infectious disease responsible for Harris’ transformation. This step will take players to Harris’ bed in the intensive care area on the fourth floor of the medical facility to discover relevant RIG activity in the form of a holographic recording.

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