How many XP books do you need to reach level 90 Genshin?

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Material farming is an inevitable part of Genshin Impact, HoYoverse’s hit online RPG.

As visitors add more characters to their playable roster, they will have to collect experience kits, also known as XP books. These books allow players to instantly level up their characters to a maximum level of 90.

However, collecting these books for one group is very difficult. To help you, here is a quick explanation of how many books you need to reach level 90 and a simple way to farm these resources.

This is a summary of the XP books you need to reach level 90

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Although you can earn XP points by completing quests and fighting monsters, the fastest way for players to level up is by using books.

It takes a total of 8,362,650 points to reach the maximum level of 90. This is roughly equivalent to 421 Hero’s Wits, the highest book group in the game.

The lowest level items, Wanderer’s Advice (Green) and Adventurer’s Experience (Blue), only give 1,000 and 5,000 points respectively. A single Hero’s Wit gives 20,000 points.

It is also important to note that the current situation costs a lot of books. Streamer Michael “Mtashed” Tash mentioned that you can save 28 Hero Wits if you keep your DPS character at 89. After that, DPS units only get four more Attack points at level high.

The best characters to bring to 90 are support units that use HP and Defense since their basic stats get a more significant bump. Anemo characters are also worth the ultimate level because Swirl’s damage is also proportional to the player’s level.

The easiest way to farm XP books in Genshin Impact

The easiest way to farm these resources is through Blossoms of Revelation, marked with a light blue blob on your world map. These are available once you reach AR 12.

While the minimum levels of Wanderer’s Advice and Adventurer’s Experience are immediately available, Hero’s Wits only enter the inventory pool when you clear Ascension Quest 2 and level up to World Level 4.

As you continue to increase World Level, the amount of Hero’s Wits available to Blossom also increases. World level 6 is the best farming option as the enemies are level 78.

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All you need to do is cooperate with Blossom and eliminate the opponents in the surrounding area. Once cleared, you can interact with Blossom again and exchange 20 Resin to search for books.

You can also give Condensed Resin, a craftable type that costs 40 Resin, to Blossom for double the amount of blue books.

If you’d like to know more about how to find handcrafted items, you can check out our guide to Handmade Resin.

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