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Here’s What The School Gave Student Who Didn’t Have Enough Money For Lunch

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Here’s What The School Gave Student Who Didn’t Have Enough Money For Lunch

Mornings are the busiest time of the day. As parents, we always make sure that they have everything with them including their snacks and lunch packs or their lunch money. However, there will always be a time that our kids forget to bring them. Still, we have a peace of mind knowing that they are at school and their teachers would be able to take care of them. But what if they don’t?

A boy forgot his lunch money one day. Still, he did not worry. He was even glad that the school ‘generously’ offered him food so that he would not go hungry for the rest of the day. But when the boy was handed with his lunch, the worker chuckled.

Why? Because the sandwich was obviously a few days old and it was covered in gray mold!

Thanks to technology, the boy was able to snap a photo of the disgusting ‘offer’ and he sent this to his mother. The mom did not let this pass. She immediately took action and exposed the school for putting her son to shame by giving him moldy food just because he forgot to bring his lunch money.

Amy Whittaker took to Facebook and explained how the school’s lunch department served her son with moldy bread when he forgot his lunch money. She explained what happened and shared how the school offered him a ‘generous’ moldy peanut butter and jelly sandwich. As seen in the picture, the large portion of the sandwich was covered in molds. It is obvious that the sandwich is spoiled, not safe for human consumption.

Mom said, “I have no idea how someone could not see this was bad when handing it out!”

The mold was huge enough and was too impossible for the worker to not have noticed it when he handed it to Amy’s son. She was just glad that her son noticed it. But think about it, what if it was a younger student who has no idea how to differentiate a food that has gone bad.

Amy shared that her son confronted the school about the food and they begrudgingly replaced it. Still, the boy no longer felt safe after being offered a poisonous sandwich.

After what happened, the son also shared with his mom that the same thing happened to his friend just a few weeks ago. This is why Amy attached the photos of the spoiled sandwich to her post to challenge the Avon Community School Corporation to at least do better with their students.

The school corporation issued a statement explaining that they will try harder to serve edible food in their cafeteria. The statement says:

“We are grateful to be made aware of the situation and have reached out to the parents and apologized. This is an unacceptable human error, and we are looking into it to ensure that this never happens again.”

Did the school’s lunch service and their treatment to their students improve. Nobody really knows. As parents, understand that things like this can happen to your son or daughter too. It is important that they are aware that when it comes to a moldy bread, no part of that is clean.

If the child accidentally ingests it, it can poison them. So double check their bags. Make sure that if they bring snack or lunch money, you also pack them biscuits or cookies for emergency situations like this.