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Here’s The Chance To Hear A Baby Elephant Giggle If You Never Have Before

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Here’s The Chance To Hear A Baby Elephant Giggle If You Never Have Before

If you have not witnessed a baby elephant giggle before, this is your chance!

This heartwarming video of a giggling elephant is going viral. Probably one of the most adorable clips that you will ever see. While watching this little elephant have fun, it will remind you of a toddler while having a great time crawling around the house or giggling when you play peek-a-boo. This footage shows how these gentle giants have proven that like humans, they always want to have fun too!

This video is from the Maevang Elephant Camp in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

The person recording the video is a student named Laura-Jane. She visited Thailand from Aberdeenshire for two months to celebrate her success of graduating from college. However, she never expected that she will be producing a viral video while enjoying her vacation.

Laura-Jane knew when she saw the joy of the playing baby elephant that what she witnessed it a moment that needed to be captured on video. She decided to share it with her friends on social media but what she didn’t know is that the whole world would be able to find it adorable too.

Not only did her social media friends liked and shared this video, but also thousands of people from all over the world.

In the video, it can be seen that the caretaker of this Elephant Camp was playing with this baby elephant. He is holding a plastic bucket and using it as a toy. While the guests were watching, they instantly fell in love with the animal as soon as they heard him giggle like a three-year-old.

This elephant is surely having the time of her life with the caretaker. The giggles are so contagious that you can’t help but smile once you hear it.

As a geology Ph.D., Lauren-Jane was touched by the elephant’s genuine happiness. She is just so happy that unlike the other wild animals who are still kept in cages in some circus, this baby elephant gets to experience the wild and be with its family. This amazing moment nearly brought her to tears! She said:

“It made me feel so happy to see the elephant obviously having such a good time. We watched the baby being playful, relaxed and care-free all day. She seemed to be quite a cheeky little girl, and at one point even tried to eat my top.”

The baby elephant in the video is not alone. You can see in the clip that her mom is just nearby, with watchful eyes. Mommas are naturally protective of their offsprings, especially the elephants.

She makes sure that her baby is safe even when surrounded by strangers, just like a human mom would. She lets this little one interact with humans but she trusts that the caretaker would keep the baby safe because he is also the one taking care of her.

This video first went online in 2014 but recently, she reposted it to give her friends another reason to smile. We have to admit, even us who are just watching from our screens can’t help but smile at how happy this baby elephant is. This is what everyone wants for these wild animals – to be free and live in their natural habitat.