GRIME Director Talks New Mechanics, New Enemies for Just-Released Colors of Root

GRIME is a great elemental action-adventure like Metroid (we gave it a 9 in our review), and GRIME director Yarden Weissbrot sat down with IGN Plus to talk about his latest DLC release. Colors of Root, which is now available for free for owners of the base game.

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GRIME’s latest DLC, Color of Root, is set to shake up the game world in a meaningful way and fix some of the issues players may have encountered while exploring it.

The new DLC adds a pre-planned area, Childbed, which is home to an entity central to the world and has some conflict within it. In addition, new NPC interactions and lore, weapons, enemies, traits, and bosses have been added to the game.

One of the main issues addressed in CoR is the lack of abilities that change the speed at which players can traverse areas, making it harder to backtrack. “There are now more options in how and in what order players can explore the world,” Yarden said. “So there is less need to use a single route to get to a location, as the new child bed area now connects several other areas.”

To address this, the game has added a new Sprint Dash ability, allowing players to quickly traverse areas and unlock new platforming challenges and combat possibilities. Additionally, existing areas now have additional optional challenges that can only be reached with the new abilities, making traversing previous areas even more important.

Another issue addressed in COR is the map system, which has been a source of frustration for some players. The game’s map system was inspired by Hollow Knight, but in CoR, it has been modified to include a dotted line that marks where players have walked before, without revealing the actual map. “In many ways the mapping system in Code Van is very similar to that of HK. [Hollow Knight’s] And our own too.”

This small change made a big difference for players who had previously given up on getting lost, while still retaining the value and satisfaction of exploring without a map and discovering beacons. .

Also, the Fast Travel ability has been moved from the final boss to a new, optional boss that can be discovered anywhere from mid- to late-game, so you can unlock more of the game. So there will be no need to beat.

To maintain the value of parries as a damage and health resource, enemies in late game areas have also been made more susceptible to parries, though you’ll need to use some new mechanics to get these parries. More effort may be required. .

The big takeaway is the increased flexibility and expression of the player. “CoR focuses on giving players more options to find an engaging playstyle and play the way they want.”

It also includes highly-requested changes that allow players to equip and test weapon maneuvers with less than their stat requirement (for a steep damage penalty) so you’ll have to stat to feel it. Don’t have to invest points that you don’t like the weapon.

Finally, new creatures called Runners have been added to the game. These creatures teleport around and lead players through secret passages, providing an extra layer of exploration and challenge.

To grab GRIME check here: CoR

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