Google: Google users are reporting a strange bug in Google Calendar: Learn how to fix it.

Many Gmail users are reporting the new bug on social media. According to users, it creates a whole day of random activities on their Google calendar depending on the emails they receive in Gmail.

Google reports that the issue creates events on Google Calendar based on random marketing emails and newsletters received through Gmail. Many users also noted that the issue seemed to trigger events even for emails they hadn’t yet opened in Gmail.

As a result, several people reported the problem on Twitter and posted photos of random events in Google Calendar.

According to the assessment, there is no clear pattern of how events occur. However, it is understandable that emails that include dates in their text are causing problems. It is also adding events to the calendar that refer to the date of the mail. Meanwhile, Google has not given any updates or notifications on the new flaw.

How to Fix Gmail Bug Temporarily
While it’s not clear what’s causing the problem, users who are having trouble can find a temporary fix until Google releases a permanent fix for the “Google Calendar-Gmail” issue. .

To solve the problem

Go to the Google Calendar Settings page.

“Automatically add events from Gmail to my calendar” should be turned off.

Google is expected to provide end-to-end encryption for personal Gmail accounts in the future. At this point, Google Drive, Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Google Meet, and Google Calendar are already protected by client-side encryption (beta).

Google recently held its Google for India events, where it introduced many new AI-related capabilities and more. At this point, the business discussed how they are focusing on finding poorly handwritten doctor’s prescriptions.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1-How can I stop Gmail Calendar from automatically adding events?
Under My Calendars Settings, click your name on the left and then Other Alerts. Select Email next to None.

2-Why is there spam on my calendar?
On Wednesday, Google announced a new tool that will help users keep their Google Calendars spam-free. Calendar spam occurs when false invitations and appointments appear on Google Calendar despite the fact that the recipient has never opened or accepted them.

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