Former NZ Knights contending players such as John Herdman turned the All Whites job down

John Herdman will not be the next white coach.

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John Herdman will not be the next white coach.

Two former New Zealand Knights players are the only contenders on NZ Football’s All White shortlist not to dominate the over-20s coach Darren Bazeley and former Scotland international Scott Gemmill.

Canadian men’s coach John Herdman is understood to have been the governing body’s preferred candidate, but has now officially committed to staying put as the North American nation prepares to host the next World Cup.

Herdman confirmed he had turned down a job offer from NZ Football on Thursday morning [NZ time]Less than 24 hours later Stuff and other media reported that he had seen the man in chief executive Andrew Pragnell in front of him.

“Success at this level will always invite opportunity,” Herdman said in a statement. “I received several offers in the last few months, all of which I turned down, except for the offer from New Zealand.”

Bazeley has been given the chance to audition to become the permanent All Whites coach when he takes charge of the team’s interim base for two friendlies against China in March, but the former Knights defender has confirmed he has not been. he asked the superior.

Former team captain Gemmilla is understood to have been one of the earlier candidates on NZ Eu’s five-strong shortlist, which also included Wellington Phoenix coach Ufuk Talay and former New Zealand under-20 and under-23 coach Des Buckingham.

Talay learned on Tuesday that he had not resigned from the job after receiving a brief letter from NZ football’s recruitment writers and although Herdman is now pictured off the board, he said he was not interested in looking for a successor. Danny Hay has to start over.

Buckingham ruled himself out when he signed a contract extension with Indian Super League club Mumbai City in early January.

It is unclear whether Gemmill has been told he doesn’t have the job, as Talay or if he still remains in contention, but compared to Herdman, Buckingham and Talay, the Scottish age group coach could not accurately be described as an “absolute standout”.

Those were the words of Pragnell on Wednesday, when he spoke about matters leading to the interim appointment of Bazeley and declared that his focus was on one candidate who had been presented with a contract offer in early January.

Pragnell said on Wednesday that he was a candidate “very much” to sign the contract, before a family health issue forced them to step out of the process.

He declined to comment on Thursday after Herdman’s decision, although NZ Football issued a statement of its own “remain”.[s] in a positive conversation with our preferred candidate” and “not over media speculation” or “exposing each candidate”.

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A familiar face could be in charge of the All Whites for the first time, while John Herdman could take over as NZF’s preferred candidate from Danny Hay.

Unless talks between NZ Football and Herdman continue in private, although he has publicly stated against it, the candidate has not been reported on Thursday before the governing body’s first preference.

NZ itself is now facing the prospect of looking beyond its first preferred candidate and potentially finding itself starting to look again.

Pragnell said on Wednesday that he remains undecided about signing his first choice, but noted that the end of the international window in March “presents an opportunity”. [NZ Football] let us step back and decide what is next. “

“Whatever comes out of that, there’s a reason to go back to the drawing board, and if that’s the case, then we’re open to that and obviously we could sue others if needed.”

If the option of Gemmill as Herdman’s replacement had survived, it may now be in the box seat, but it is Bazeley who decided to have a trial case in the running.

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