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Ubisoft, as it struggles after a series of commercial misses, doubles down on its biggest franchise: Far Cry. And when I say double down, I mean double, with two games reportedly in the works for the series: one single-player, the other multiplayer.

This is according to an Insider Gaming report which claims that the unannounced Far Cry titles were originally intended to be a game until former Far Cry franchise executive director Dan Hay left Ubisoft to work at Blizzard Entertainment. left for The report adds that the single-player project is now being called Project Blackbird, and the multiplayer for Cry is being called Project Maverick, with Ubisoft Montreal heavily involved in both games.

Although not much is known, the report suggests that multiplayer Project Maverick will be set in the Alaskan wilderness and will be an extraction-based loot shooter. This is consistent with a previous poll that Ubiosft did in the past that was originally spotted by PC Gamer, where it asked fans where they wanted the next Far Cry to be based – one of the options was Alaska. .

Traditionally, most Far Cry games have been single-player focused with the option to play co-op.

If these details turn out to be correct, the situation seems to be exactly the same as what happened with The Last of Us Part 2, which was initially going to have a multiplayer component that would eventually be included in its own project. Gaya, with more details to come later this year. As multiplayer games become increasingly standalone in size and scope, it will be interesting to see how many more games that traditionally combine their single and multiplayer components begin to separate them.

One game that shipped with both single and multiplayer modes was Dead Space 2. A remake of its predecessor just shipped, and in the remake of the original Dead Space, players believe they’ve found an Easter egg to indicate that the sequel will be the same. Treatment.

After completing the game, players have the option to replay the story with New Game Plus. Once they load back into the game, players will see some new text logs that weren’t originally there when they first played the game.

In the new logs, players can read an email-like exchange between two characters talking about finding new employment opportunities due to a “disconnection” that will take place within the next year. As the conversation continues, the two talk about possibly working in Sproul on Titan.

This location is significant in the Dead Space franchise as it is where Issac fights for his life in Dead Space 2 after escaping the USG Ishimura.

With EA struggling to put out single-player games that aren’t part of the Star Wars franchise, if Dead Space Remake sells well, you’d have to imagine a remake of the equally popular sequel would be on the table. Just expect it to ship with single-player only, with Dead Space multiplayer releasing the standalone game line.

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