Fans get a new clue of the Grand Theft Auto 6 setting in Grand Theft Auto Online.

Rockstar Games has only confirmed two things about Grand Theft Auto 6: it’s currently in the works and the leaks from September were legit. But, while Rockstar is yet to tell us details about GTA 6’s setting and characters, we already know a few things about it thanks to the aforementioned leak. For example, we know it will be set in Vice City, and a recent leak adds more evidence to that.

Rockstar Games is apparently using helicopters to tease GTA 6.

Fans have spent the past two months mapping out what Vice City will look like in GTA 6, and the result closely resembles the final product. Now, there is even more evidence that proves that GTA 6 will be set in the same city as GTA: Vice City.

GTA fan “nestorsite” revealed just before Christmas that Rockstar dropped another clue in Grand Theft Auto Online that confirms the setting of the next GTA game.

The fan analyzed the artwork found on the rock star’s Happy Holidays message and discovered that the helicopter looks exactly like the one used by the Miami Police Department in real life. It’s worth noting that Vice City is based on Miami City (just as Los Santos is inspired by Los Angeles and Liberty City is inspired by New York City). The fan said the “resemblance to the Miami chopper is obvious” and others agreed.

New Grand Theft Auto-setting clues
Thanks to the first GTA 6 leak, fans are starting to see more hidden clues to be found in GTA Online.

As the sequel to the best-selling video game of all time outside of Minecraft, GTA fans were always looking to find out more about GTA 6. The amount of evidence that Rockstar is hiding GTA 6 information from us. Rockstar has apparently been using GTA Online to tease GTA 6 for years, and the recent holiday greeting is the latest example.

While the recent tease is about as on-the-nose as they can get, we’re still waiting for an official confirmation from Rockstar Games.

Microsoft’s guesses are correct and we will get GTA 6 in two years.

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