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Extra Caution Needed Because This Scam Might Have You Paying For Someone Else’s Gas

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Extra Caution Needed Because This Scam Might Have You Paying For Someone Else’s Gas

Extra Caution Needed Because This Scam Might Have You Paying For Someone Else’s Gas

The entire world was in shambles at the height of COVID-19. Despite the struggles, we have witnessed how people have shown compassion and care for others, even to those who they do not know personally. Still, it is sad to realize that amid the hardships, some people still have the guts to play a scheme on others.

These people went to great lengths to mislead others despite the pandemic struggles that were going on. When you think that every one of us has been impacted in some way by the pandemic, we are all left wondering how those people could have the guts to act in such a way knowing that their victims might also be struggling financially.

Even before the pandemic happened, people needed their car to get them from Point A to Point B. And through the years, we have seen how quickly the price of petrol has gone up. Still, filling up a car’s gas tank is a must even if it’s a major drain on a person’s bank account.

And these days, it is pretty easy to fill your tank. Just take your vehicle to a gas station. While filling up your tank, you have to be extra vigilant of your surroundings. Some perpetrators, on the other hand, have devised a scheme to obtain large quantities of gas.

The surveillance cameras at an ARCO gas station in Sacramento County, California, showed how these people are swapping the nozzles on their gas tanks. The suspects were apprehended since there is evidence provided by this witness.

Two vehicles can be seen pulling up to the gas station on Watt Avenue and Blackfoot Way in the footage. You will notice that the suspect’s meter started as soon as the victim started pumping gas. The problem though is that the victim doesn’t even know that he’s paying for the gas of the other car.

To warn motorists, Bobby Johl, the station manager, shared the video online. He also gave a brief interview to help spread the word and prevent these people from having more victims. He said, “You can see now, the hose comes across the pump instead of on the side itself, but it was really quick, only took a second.”

According to Johl, the suspect would start by pumping gas on their own vehicle as soon as a random person pulled up close to them to pump gas as well. The suspect then switched the nozzles between their car and the victims’ vehicle. By doing so, the victim ends up paying the gas of the suspect.

Johl said that to ensure that you are not scammed, start and stop the pump in order to get an accurate reading. So keep pumping as long as your meter doesn’t go below zero.

The police also advised that customers should double-check that the nozzle’s connection is made to the correct pump and to their own car by taking a moment to personally check.

When the station found out what had happened, they issued refunds to those who had been victimized.

Nobody has it easy these days, so do your best and be honest with yourself while going through this difficult period of time. Be mindful that scammers are out there waiting for their next victim during these difficult times.